Demand of concussion of interval of period price continuance

Dec, 04th 2018
Last week, weak force of continuance of Shanghai nickel futures runs state, 1901 agreement whole keeps main force in 95580-99300 yuan / ton interval, defer drop continuously before
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After the typhoon, the price of rubber continues to pick up

Jan, 22th 2019
Due to the strong typhoon in southern Thailand, the threat of rubber tapping has increased the tight supply expectations of the rubber market. At the same time, the recently release
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Dec, 04th 2018

On November 12 contract of futures of CBOT12 month corn (ZCZ8) close smooth, sign up for 369.75 cent / bushel. Contract of wheaten in December futures (ZWZ8) ris

Dec, 04th 2018

In the past 3 months, shanghai zinc price appears those who give wide cut oscillation to go situation: After achieving nearly 2 years of lowest price since on Au

Dec, 04th 2018

Although corn and jade rice starch all belong to a large amount of produce, but because corn industry advanced position is " smallholder economy " , industrial m

Dec, 04th 2018

Zhou Si (on November 22) Chinese INE crude oil receives back 4 days continuously, touched near 440 yuan of a gleam of, a neutral still appears to slant to go for

Dec, 04th 2018

"Snow is waving, cotton price is in, the heart is dripping blood. The heart is dripping blood.. When the 2nd snow comes to boreal border, the boss of cotton ginn