Steel trade business depreciates the black that throw money

Dec, 04th 2018
"Recently, type of occurrence bluff of rolled steel spot price drops, odd-numbered days is the oldest drop be as high as 200 yuan for a time / ton, quickness of in pairs of steelwor
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Futures storehouse sheet is decreased greatly exceed hopeful

Dec, 04th 2018
1811 agreement pick Shanghai glue after the card, shanghai futures exchange is natural balata registers a storehouse chief of the Xiongnu in ancient China exceeded 200 thousand tons

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Staged warehouse pressed pulp price may improve after the ho

Jan, 31th 2019
The digestibility of stocks is far less than expected. On the one hand, there is no previous upswing in stocking before the holiday, and the spot market is flat; on the other hand,
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Dec, 04th 2018

Come nearly more than 10 years, whole of consumption of our country glycol shows ascendant trend, the consumption of glycol was 6.592 million tons 2007, already

Jan, 29th 2019

On December 26, the CBOT March corn futures contract (ZCH9) fell 4.5 cents to 373.25 cents a bushel. The March wheat futures contract (ZWH9) fell 6.25 cents to 5

Jan, 29th 2019

[Agricultural Market Data] Safras Mercado: Brazil's soybean exports in 2019/2020 are estimated at 79 million tons, down 4% from the previous year According to an

Feb, 12th 2019

On the first day after the Spring Festival, many varieties of color appeared “opening green”, among which zinc, lead and aluminum were particularly obvious,

Jan, 30th 2019

At the end of the year, the focus of the market was once again concentrated in the downstream terminals of the PTA industry chain. Since the beginning of this ye

Feb, 15th 2019

Coking coal supply is still tight, but the downstream inventory is high, it is difficult to effectively boost the price formation in the short term. It is expect