Global rapeseed production remains high In 2018/19, global rapeseed production is expected to decline to 70.92 million tons, a decrease of more than 3 million tons compared with las

In order to gather the wisdom of all parties in the market and ensure that the design of cotton option contracts is scientific and reasonable, the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (here

★ Sugar market analysis prospects: International: 18/19 cropping season global production and demand forecast surplus is reduced, 19/20 cropping season global production and deman

In December, the spot egg price continued the weak trend in the previous period, and there was no obvious pre-holiday pull. During the New Year's Day, the price of eggs in the produ

Overview of opinions Reviewing the trend of sugar prices in 2018, after going down all the way, it turned into a low-level oscillation. The unexpected increase in production of suga

The agricultural product market at the end of 2018 was quite chilly. In 2018, the world pattern and the international situation have undergone many changes, especially the Sino-US t