Since mid-October, China's vegetable market futures and spot prices have seen continuous declines. On the one hand, Sino-US trade eases the fall in soybean meal prices, and on the o

After the G20 meeting, as the Sino-US trade conflict re-released goodwill, the trend of agricultural products turned sharply, and domestic soybean and corn futures fell rapidly, and

1. Corn planting area will continue to decrease: Driven by planting income, corn planting area in 2018/19 increased slightly year-on-year, but the country's intention to reduce corn

1. Malaysian palm planting industry Southeast Asian countries are tropical rainforest climate or tropical monsoon climate, high temperature throughout the year, but rich in rain, su

Chenliang temporary storage corn turnover totaled 29.11 million tons, most of which will be released into the market in December, the market supply increased sharply, and the price

Abstract: 2018 is the third year of China's continuous implementation of the policy of dumping reserves. It is also the year when China's cotton responds to the supply-side reform o