From the overall trend of Apple Futures 1901 and 1905 contract prices for more than a month, the two contract prices have risen to a relatively high level on November 16, 2018, and

Core Views . Looking forward to 2019, I think that the soybean meal transaction faces three main lines. First, the problem between China and the United States has not been completel

"Now, when researchers at financial institutions talk about Apple, it doesn't necessarily mean studying APPLE's stocks!" A financial institution analyst recently commented with the

"4000 yuan / ton of palm oil roughly folded into 500ml bottle is also 2 yuan a bottle, cheaper than mineral water." Recently, some insiders said with emotion. On December 13, the do

Recently, Zheng sugar 1901 and 1905 contracts fell below the 5,000 yuan mark again. The arrangement of January, May and September contracts could not cover the cost of holding posit

A tax reduction rate notice issued by the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council added a negative interest to the domestic scorpion market. The notice stated that China will