Billet light 130! Steelworks drops again 180 steel price: Dr

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On November 20, market of domestic steel products continues to drop, building materials market falls situation particularly apparent, square unburnt brick of Tang Shan general drops greatly 130 reach 3450 yuan / ton. That day, period snail brunt drops broken 3800, market pessimism is aggravating, rolled steel demand is restrained apparently, the manufacturer is forced to depreciate shipment.

20 days, black fastens the defeat below futures all fronts. That day, period snail brunt issues defeat considerably, apparent under MA5, DIF and DEA intersect downward, 3 lines are located in RSI index between 20-40, period snail is in the course below cloth forest belt to move, technical index hasten is weak. Short-term period snail or still maintain weak force to move, do not expire coil to already dropped to dish cover cost price, next sounding occasional are finite.

20 days, 30-180 of price of factory of the v below company of production of 14 buildings steel products yuan / ton.

Rolled steel merchandise on hand

Building steel products: On November 20, 3 class of 20mm of 25 main cities of countrywide whorl steel all valence 4380 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day drops 68 yuan / ton. Because near future demand is low,confuse, as period snail broken, market panic mood appears, the price appears to be adjusted often, 100 yuan over drop in Hua Dong relatively general. Visible, in demand low below confused condition, although arrive,did not see particularly apparent addition, but the market anticipates already common error, should anticipate come from the high yield at current steelworks on one hand, come from on the other hand at be apart from a winter store time. Predict weak situation of price of short-term building steel products changes hard.

Hot-rolling board coils: On November 20, 24 main cities of countrywide 4.75 hot-rolling board roll all valence 3896 yuan / ton, relatively last trading day drops 22 yuan / ton. On one hand, market confidence is insufficient, enter off-season, demand glides apparently; On the other hand, demand of downstream home appliance, car board glides, foreground still not dare hopeful. Partial businessman expresses, leave factory according to current steelworks or lock up valence computation, had done not have profit but character, but the market still did not stop drop evidence. Hot-rolling is short-term will still maintain concussion to slant weak.

Cold rolling board coils: On November 20, 24 main cities of countrywide 1 cold rolling all valence 4573 yuan / ton, relatively last trading day drops 17 yuan / ton. Black futures is weak now force be issued to lower levels, spot price of cold rolling of countrywide most area drops, near future spot price drops situation put delay, basically suffer cost price effect, the businessman drops greatly desire is not strong, most operation in order to accept negotiate a price, shipment is given priority to. Photograph comparing fastens other breed at plank, demand of cold rolling market and clinch a deal passable. But billet falls now 130, black futures, billet drops all bigger, prospective market condition nots allow hopeful. Hasten of concussion of spot price of predicting tomorrow cold rolling is given priority to infirmly.

In thick board: On November 20, general of 20mm of 24 main cities of countrywide board all valence 4080 yuan / ton, relatively last trading day drops 43 yuan / ton. Steelworks is instant profit continues press press shrinks, 200 yuan are in roughly in light of whole at present / ton around, the pressure that factory library transfers has the price to predict surrive is pounded to the market. The market is carried as drop continuously, the risk receives a share release. At present main influencing factor depends on level of state of mind, predicting tomorrow price or meeting with inertial reduce tamp short-term bottom is given priority to.

Raw material merchandise on hand

Entrance mine: Whole of quote of trafficker of spot market of 20 days of iron ore reduces 5~10 yuan / ton, among them mainstream of pink of PB of Tang Shan harbor quotes 590 yuan / ton, mainstream of pink of Shandong harbor PB quotes 585 yuan / ton. Rolled steel market continues to drop now, steelworks purchases raw material apiration inferior, mine price also is gone weak by be a burden on, short-term inside or still adjust with small weak force give priority to.

Coke: Market of 20 days of coke the first round depreciate pull open heavy curtain, carry fall extent 100-150 yuan / ton. South Shanxi advance individual steelworks, river north divides steel look forward to, and Shandong represents steel look forward to, because case of filling library of near future coke is better, and downstream demand is abate profit is damaged, coke purchases valence to put forward first-run reduce 100 yuan / ton, carry out since 21 days. Depreciate to this round, partial anxious look forward to has promised to carry out, other anxious look forward to remains to be fulfilled further, additionally the part states early days order had be notted send, new order big probability implements new price. Predict short-term inside limits of anxious price be born will expand, domestic coke spot market slants to move infirmly.

Abandon steel: 20 days of whole nations abandon be issued to lower levels of steel market weak potential. Jiangsu area abandons the price to maintain again in 2480-2590 yuan / ton. Shandong area abandons the price to be in again 2350-2410 yuan / ton. Fujian market is abandoned again contain duty to clinch a deal valence 2300-2360 yuan / ton. The heavy useless price that contain tax is in Heibei area 2470-2520 yuan / ton. Southwest mainstream steelworks is abandoned again contain tax 2380 yuan / ton. If not have,tag, above all reachs a plant to contain tax the price.

Special steel merchandise on hand

Actor spy steel: Price of steel of 20 days of actor spy continues to drop considerably, drop a 20-70 yuan / ton differ. The whole nation will see 45#4272 yuan / ton, 40Cr4509 yuan / ton, 20CrMnTi4641 yuan / ton, crMo4988 yuan / ton. Show example trafficker to clinch a deal gross is two hundred and thirty-three thousand seven hundred tons, relatively reduce seventeen thousand two hundred tons last week, annulus comparing drops 6.86% . Predict short-term actor is particular steel price continues to glide.

Industrial wire: Price of wire of industry of 20 days of whole nations continues to drop, steel of countrywide cold Dui all valence 4554-4599 yuan / ton, pull silk all valence 4297 yuan / ton, hard line all valence 4411 yuan / ton. Steelworks respect, cash of the invite public bidding on network of wire of 20 days of QAJJ contains duty to leave factory for 3820 drop 280 (northward) , to harbor price 3800 drop 300 (southern) , steelworks price drops considerably, bring about the market to follow drop the sentiment is strong, market disorder is killed drop, price of wire of predicting tomorrow industry continues to drop give priority to.

Steel city is forecasted

Supply end: Enter heating season to pollute weather frequency to send period of time again, steelworks of part of and other places of near future Heibei, Henan, Shandong is carried out in succession be restricted to produce measure. Nevertheless, opposite last year the corresponding period, have not appear large-scale concentration is restricted to produce, afore-mentioned area steelworks are restricted to produce strength to be between 10%-30% .

Monitor according to Mysteel, blast furnace of 163 steelworks of countrywide is produced last week can utilization rate 85.18% , annulus increases compared to the same period than increasing 6.37% ; Steelworks blast furnace produces Tang Shan can utilization rate 78.92% , annulus comparing decreases 1.55% , increase compared to the same period 20% . Predict this week overhauls blast furnace to continue to increase, keep small drop posture.

Demand end: Will look relatively, rolled steel slow down in demand is more clear. The steely net that occupies me is monitored, day of steel products of building of 237 mainstreams trafficker clinched a deal in October the quantity breaks through 200 thousand tons, and systole of the middle ten days of a month on November reachs 166 thousand tons.

Monitor according to Mysteel, last week stocks of building materials market 4.212 million tons, zhou Huan comparing drops 3.8% , drop compared to the same period 9.0% . The corresponding period, stocks of building materials steelworks 4.386 million tons, zhou Huan comparing grows 4.3% , grow 2.2% compared to the same period. Society and steelworks stock fall a litre, show trafficker depreciates go inventory is given priority to, filling library enthusiasm still low, overlay is hit downstream pressure desire is strong, steelworks goes inventory suffocate suffocate.

In light of whole, in steelworks concentration stops before be restricted to produce, pressure of steel city supply and demand still big. Especially take turns of billet, futures drops greatly below, the market is killed drop the sentiment is strong, steelworks sale coachs the price falls again. At present building materials steelworks still has certain profit space, heat up a manufacturing company only 100 yuan of gross profit, will see space of callback of building materials price relatively bigger.

Short-term inside, rolled steel market or continuance drop situation.