Black steeps fall continuously when after all!

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Black metal is whole belong to have go having the rhythm that answer, especially two are the first elder brother whorl and coke, drop make a miserable sacrificing oneself for a just cause, although dish face value also has done not have those who prevent it to drop as before in cost lower part situation.

The mood on whole market is very bad, actually not only it is black department, can change board piece also be same horrible, crude oil defeats a be issued to lower levels to had driven whole industrial product to enter drop periodic, the mood of short-term market restores very hard to come over from inside the pessimism of lean to one side.

Looking from main area, inventory of this society of week whorl steel reduces one hundred and five thousand nine hundred tons to reach three million and sixty-eight thousand five hundred tons, steelworks inventory increases seventy thousand six hundred tons to reach one million nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand three hundred tons. This week society inventory still continues to change, but go changing extent to close somewhat narrow, at the same time steelworks inventory accumulates two hundred and thirty-nine thousand six hundred tons, inventory accumulates speed to accelerate, market confidence is at present insufficient, before the price does not have improvement, trafficker won't take money easily, downstream terminal has been entered off-season, order is pressed need to purchase, without collect goods apiration.

Since last year, steelworks profit is propped up to be in all the time exalted, but reform as whole supply side, the systole that supply carries has begun to present the effect with degressive limit, can see second half of the year talks about environmental protection to follow to perhaps was compared first half of the year this year last year to the influence of prices again rise lost a lot of, do not have report even, after actually supply side goes out basically clear, to supply side limitative measure begins abate, also mean supply will still escalate, steelworks profit also can be in this one process last from perch fall after a rise.

Current steelworks profit still passable, at present the price goes drop the adjustment that has not affect supply, be issued to lower levels of merchandise on hand still has a space. But futures price antedates merchandise on hand is adjusted, adjust when spot price make the same score to futures price water when, will cause exit to increase, and partial supply turns for not active, continue from the point of current price so space of be issued to lower levels has been compared finite, comrades, hope with respect to forwardly ah.

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