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  • Dec, 04th 2018

Shanxi builds the attune on price of dragon building materials 30 yuan / ton, Yunnan moves 50 yuan on price of Desheng building materials / ton, hill thing moves 60 yuan on Wang Jiancai price / ton, Lai steel always sharp edge on building materials price, more than 10 steel moves rolled steel producer price on collective of look forward to, rise extent from 20 yuan / reach 70 yuan every tons / ton differ. Raise rolled steel producer price as steelworks, whether can steel price greet to rise?

Orchid case expert expresses, at present of short duration does not have the requirement that soare in light of whole, price of near future steel is given priority to all right with exalted concussion carry.

A few days ago, beijing ferry look forward to encounters mist haze weather, subsequently Heibei is saved instantly print and distribute " the announcement that about starting area to be mixed lash-up of 2 Ⅱ class answers area " , this is to be entered this year autumn since Heibei province starts area to pollute lash-up of weather Ⅱ class to answer again first. " announcement " the demand discharges discharged course of study high to adopt heating season difference to change wrong peak to produce, produce can superfluous industry business commonly, adopt by turns the means of stop production reduces contaminant to discharge. In the meantime, right advocate the city zone put forward to prohibit setting off barbecue of firework cracker, open air and separator motor-car to be restricted to wait for measure all right.

And the city that face Fen also announced 2018-2019 year heating season difference changes wrong peak to produce program, the basis steely company is real circumstance, made do not be restricted to produce, be restricted to produce 30% , be restricted to produce 50% and stop production 4 kinds of plan, executive time is on November 15, 2018, on March 15, 2019. In addition, langfang begins to press decrease iron and steel to produce can, langfang puts forward before arriving by December 2018, compression iron and steel is produced can be 7.38 million tons, can reduce future of two months rolled steel supply. Carry out further as what environmental protection is restricted to produce policy, steelworks is produced can be pressed further decrease, add billet to rise in price, go up in succession because of this steel look forward to moved rolled steel factory price.

To rolled steel producer price is being moved on steelworks, steel trade business holds different view. Zhang Yahui of general manager of limited company of trade of the harbor in Beijing expresses, at present demand still compares flourishing, steelworks inventory and social stock fell, rolled steel market still healthy. But prospective difference is bigger, basically control in the last ten-day of a month in November, body lasts in what demand carries now and winter store go up, support wait-and-see attitude now.

Li Dong director of company of steely and finite liability also expresses 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers of Beijing market demand is at present better, social stock is smaller, bring about steelworks to raise price. But he expresses, won't support wait-and-see attitude at present, can active replenish onr's stock.

Current, work as building site enter quickly period, the demand that predicts pair of rolled steel still will increase ceaselessly. In the meantime, fill short board the series policy of certain investment is in " ferment " , railroad construction serves as " certain investment " one of leading role, investment of railroad fixed assets exceeded one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan in September. Expert analysis thinks, investment of countrywide railroad fixed assets is close to 800 billion yuan again likely this year. In addition, " countryside revitalizes the strategy to plan (2018-2022 year) " put forward clearly, put infrastructure construction in the country mainly, increase devoted strength continuously. Can foreknow, rural construction will be giant inside need.

Increase as demand ceaselessly, it is certain to was formed to rolled steel price prop up. And rolled steel yield did not rise considerably however. The steel in occupying assist newest data shows, in October day of crude steel of look forward to of steel of key of whole nation of the first ten days of a month all crop one million nine hundred and eighty-seven thousand four hundred tons, relatively on one a period of ten days grew 0.13% only. And inventory respect after rising two weeks continuously, the trend that appeared to drop. According to Lan Gegang platform of iron cloud business monitors data to show: Up to on October 19, inventory of society of rolled steel of city of 29 keys of countrywide is 8.848 million tons, relatively before a week dropped 353 thousand tons, relatively top March this year stock, dropped 49.8% . As the fall of rolled steel crop and inventory, will carry display vigour to use certainly to arriving since steel price.

Qing Dynasty of kingdom of director of steely research center expresses Lange, at present price of factory of the v on rolled steel has the certain effect that prop up to the market; Additional, near future each district is released to what environmental protection of Qiu Dong season is restricted to produce program and annulus accuses surely, the job that check, also have to steel price prop up certainly. In the meantime, of iron ore and coke price strong, rise to be propped up certainly from cost. But the market is at present wait-and-see the sentiment is stronger, clinch a deal somewhat abate, whole looks price of near future steel is given priority to all right with exalted concussion carry.