Billet is strong 4000! Do 10 steelworks go up together when

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On October 24, value of market of domestic steel products dish whole move. Period city concussion rises now, but spot market price however narrow cut dish whole, market whole clinchs a deal the quantity slants weak, fall in high cost, small stock nevertheless, face of market state of mind is passable.

Current, tangshanpu rises billet value is little 10 reach 3990 yuan / ton.

Domestic black fastens commodity futures all fronts to rise now, among them iron ore and coke rise considerably, finished product capable person is young rise, cooking coal concussion closes go up, clinch a deal to the limit of one's capacity, capital is flowed into considerably. RB1901 contract is small leave to go high. Quote of spot market of whorl part region rises as before, although steelworks produces initiative as before taller, but wear out condition of the inventory after the section is pretty good, inventory pressure will be reduced gradually.

The proposal on the operation, engine of 4150 around choose is short much, stop caustic is referenced 4100.

10 steelworks of countrywide release the information that move price now, undertook to rolled steel price 10, 93 yuan / ton adjust.


Rolled steel merchandise on hand

Building steel products: HRB400 of 25 main cities of countrywide (20mm) whorl steel all valence 4682 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day rises in price 6 yuan / ton. Suffer period snail to rise drive, stock of market of overlay much ground is small, businessman price keeps strong, dish in merchandise on hand clinchs a deal passable, the part carries on market quoted price, but from the point of market feedback, the market after going up clinchs a deal put delay. Current price already was in more exalted, the market fears tall mood still be being put, predict price of short-term building steel products or narrow cut are adjusted.

Hot-rolling board coils: Hot-rolling of 4.75mm of 24 markets of countrywide board roll the price signs up for 4240 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day price drops 4 yuan / ton. Futures concussion goes strong now, but merchandise on hand follows not strong, most trafficker still does not want to rise in price, still be at present give priority to with shipment, after partial trafficker goes up, clinch a deal bad, predict short-term value is rectified many dishes move.

Cold rolling board coils: Cold rolling of 1.0mm of 24 main cities of countrywide board roll all valence is 4856 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade the price drops 4 yuan / ton. Black is futures now dish face concussion goes strong, but spot market is wait-and-see state of mind is heavier, terminal client is pressed need to purchase, of short duration of quote of cold rolling merchandise on hand is firm, but dark fall the situation is relatively general, trafficker respect shipment gives priority to state of mind changeless. On the whole, spot price of predicting tomorrow cold rolling will continue concussion dish whole give priority to.

In thick board: In 24 main cities of countrywide thick board all valence 4382 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day price keeps balance. Futures price rises considerably now, but not apparent to market stimulation, whole still is maintained long strong board weak posture, partial area still looks to be given priority to for nothing even, round-the-clock price as before somewhat hasten is weak. From the point of data of main and downstream near future, number of terminal oneself order decreases, in the market thick board demand still is improved apparently hard. Predict short-term price or maintain weak force concussion as before.


Raw material merchandise on hand

Entrance mine: 24 days, mine of 61.5% Australia pink signs up for harbor of Beijing the Tang Dynasty 577 yuan / ton, with rise in price yesterday 12 yuan / ton. At present haven of Tang Shan area piece ore natural resources is relatively nervous, newmann mark piece was to arrive more " beg hard together " degree, partial trafficker values market of mine of later period piece, in succession library of equipment of store up goods, steelworks has rigid demand passivity to accept rise in price fact, look from angle of supply and demand, steelworks demand is exuberant, haven is tasted high bay pink and piece ore reserve lasts low, spot price of near future iron ore still can be maintained strong.

Coke: 24 days, domestic coke spot market is firm in slant strong, shanxi area anxious look forward to puts forward the 2nd round to rise in succession, accumulative total rises 200 yuan / ton, at present majority still is in in exchanging views, already partial client is accepted rise; Heibei, inside anxious look forward to of area of unconscious and other places follows carry, accept limits to expand in succession downstream. Inventory of respect of anxious look forward to lies as before in light of whole inferior level, shipment, order form is good, course of study person anxious price of the city after majority is right is held firm in bullish mood; Inventory of steelworks respect coke handles level of normal on the high side more, partial of short duration did not rise in price to upper reaches make specific return.

On the whole, in predicting short-term coke spot price is certain, slant strong, rise the space is relatively limited.

Abandon steel: 24 days, useless steel market continues the mainstream tone, individual steelworks attracts supply of goods to continue small are pulled go up, much concentration is in China north area, go up a 20-70 yuan / ton. Whorl steel price continues now exalted concussion, businessman of useless steel market continues bullish, cherish money goes slow, much choice is wait-and-see, the market clinchs a deal very few, but steelworks ton steel profit is compressed, rise in price desire is not strong, arrive according to oneself the circumstance adjusts useless steel price more, predict the short-term price that abandon steel advocate firm an attune.


Special steel merchandise on hand

Actor spy steel: 24 days, value of market of actor spy steel drops one band is small besides Jiang Zhe 20-30 yuan / ton, other area price is relatively stable. The whole nation will see 45#4540 yuan / ton, 40Cr4758 yuan / ton, 20CrMnTi4881 yuan / ton, crMo5188 yuan / ton. Jiang Zhe takes the price to drop now basically is to suffer east spy steel to depreciate influence. Near future actor is particular steel market mirrors terminal generally to use steel industry demand relatively the corresponding period decreased somewhat last year, businessman sale anticipates not as good as, prices of the city after be opposite supports wait-and-see attitude.

Predict short-term actor is particular steel prices continues to lose situation concussion is given priority to.

Industrial wire: 24 days, price of countrywide industry wire rises drop each other shows, among them cold Dui, help silk and hard line whole nation all valence parts relatively go up to trade day drops 2-5 yuan / ton, go up 12 yuan / ton and go up 9 yuan / ton, end closing quotation, steel of countrywide cold Dui all valence 4791-4829 yuan / ton, pull silk all valence 4569 yuan / ton, hard line all valence 4756 yuan / ton. Breed respect, difference of the price between each breed belongs to reasonable category basically, of short duration does not have more repair space. Steelworks respect, producer price of the last ten-day of a month reduced area of Xing steel Hua Dong in October 100 yuan / ton, for the moment of majority of the others steelworks is smooth.

Union is current market condition, price of wire of predicting tomorrow industry continues concussion dish whole.


Steel city is forecasted

Black fastens futures concussion to go up now, among them whorl steel is low leave to go high, short-term walk along situation up-and-up; Shandong colliery stop production, prop up double anxious go up; Steelworks is purchased dovish, hold of iron ore much sheet. Breed merchandise on hand now integral concussion dish whole move, futures rises afternoon, the market clinchs a deal to have to the limit of one's capacity a bit. Specific in light of, because terminal demand anticipates not as good as, each breed market clinchs a deal general, dimension of spot price majority is certain move.

Trafficker respect because stock cost is higher, filling library desire is not strong, state of mind keeps careful. On the whole, predict short-term inside domestic steel city concussion dish whole give priority to.