Does the outbreak of clean the sources of energy prop up pro

  • Dec, 04th 2018

In recent years, development of high speed of economy of benefit from benefit from and town change a level to rise stage by stage, consumption of our country natural gas maintains fast growth.

Occupy computation of interconnected system of office of international the sources of energy to predict according to showing, 2017 -2023 year, 37% what China increases consumption of natural gas of contributive whole world, japan will exceed 2019, become the world's greatest natural gas to import a country, to 2023 natural gas imports a quantity to achieve 171 billion stere.

Chinese natural gas predicted apparent consumption 2018 271 billion stere, grow 14% compared to the same period. Among them, industrial fuel makes an appointment with 90 billion stere with gas consumption, grow 18% compared to the same period, occupy come than rising 33% ; Town lights gas and natural gas consumption to be mixed for 105 billion stere about respectively 50 billion stere, occupy score to be not amounted to 39% with 19% ; Chemical industry makes an appointment with 26 billion stere with gas consumption, occupy than inadequacy 10% .

As development of natural gas estate and the progress that make a technology, had developed an a variety of gas storage way, use at satisfying tone peak and requirement of lash-up gas storage, enrage gas storage of conduit of coal tub, high pressure to wait like storage tank of library of subterranean gas storage, LNG, high pressure.

Among them gas storage measures peak of big, attune and lash-up safeguard ability strong, using relatively common also gas storage means is construction underground gas storage and LNG storage tank. Construction of storage tank of LNG liquefied natural gas basically has with steel breed: Austenite stainless steel and 9 nickel steel, 5 nickel steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy steel, and 9 nickel steel with its intensity tall, be machined easily and weldability can be admirable wait for an advantage, be used extensively in equipment of LNG storage tank.

Our country happens again to prevent to enrage barren, most main task is to do good natural gas to produce offer store the construction that sells a system, accelerate construction LNG to receive establishment of library of gas storage of station, underground and LNG storage tank to wait namely. Change according to national hair appoint statistical data shows, project of gas storage of already new this year go into operation is close 100, predict to be able to form gas storage ability to make an appointment with 16 billion stere, than going up year increase above of about 3.5 billion stere.

Develop according to our country natural gas " 935 " program, "935 " during, in preliminary already formation Beijing ferry look forward to, northwest, southwest, northeast, long triangle, Chinese and Western ministry, medium south, bead on the foundation of base of 8 big gas storage such as trigonometry, increase enlarge of library of subterranean gas storage to the look is transformed and build strength, support construction of establishment of LNG gas storage, work up is given priority to with library of subterranean gas storage, peak of gas field attune, CNG and LNG reserve station are complementary, can interrupt an user to move a peak to be additional the omnibus system that move a peak, build perfect by air feed square, be defeated those who match enterprise and user to assume obligation of the reserve that move a peak severally is mutiple level reserve system.

Form tolerance of job of warehouse of subterranean gas storage to 2020 14.8 billion stere. In April 2018 portion, bureau of national energy resources, country develops innovation appoint release jointly " the opinion that about accelerating gas storage establishment is built and peak of attune of perfect gas storage assists service market mechanism " , enterprise of clear air feed and city light an enterprise to ought to build gas storage ability to be respectively 10% , 5% , local reserve protects the number that offer a day to want to achieve 3 days, to 2020, natural gas consumes a structure to be occupied mediumly in the sources of energy than striving to achieve 10% the left and right sides.

According to estimation, 2018-2020 year ability of gas storage of library of subterranean gas storage arrives at 14.8 billion stere, need to add 7.681 billion stere newly, this will drive establishment of library of prospective gas storage to build the demand that uses steel apparently.