Whorl steel is achieved price of new tall steel sits inside

  • Dec, 04th 2018

After National Day golden week passes, whorl steel price trots all the way, break through 4700 yuan / ton close greatly, achieve inside 2018 new tall. According to Lan Gegang platform of iron cloud business monitors data to show: Up to on October 29, towns of 10 big focal point steel of 3 class whorl (Φ 25mm) average price is 4710 yuan every tons, relatively the beginning of the year rises this year 325 yuan / ton, relatively the nadir inside year rose on March 26 1003 yuan / ton, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 685 yuan / ton, .

Quote of rolled steel of much ground of near future home rises, on station of whorl steel price inside year new tall, investigate its reason or come on stage thick and fast with policy of environmental protection of winter of near future autumn about. Latest news shows, each industry of Tang Shan city is asked to be in 10 days 22 when decrease a platoon to machine of the agglomeration between 11 days of 12 period 20% , stop production of steely enterprise limekiln 50% ; Power company contaminant is decreased discharge be restricted to be worth 60% the following. Recently, superintend of environmental protection of the 2nd batch of central zoology " look round " will start in the round. Carry out as what many environmental protection is restricted to produce policy, formed to price of later period steel undoubtedly prop up.

But notable is this year the regulation to be restricted to produce is more agile, environmental protection standard (air quality) the most important standard that makes a place be restricted to produce. Among them, on October 26, shandong province classics is believed appoint reach environmental protection hall to combine dispatch, " the announcement that about organizing industry of focal point of executive 2018-2019 year difference of Qiu Dong season turns wrong peak to produce " , offer rich of Jinan, Zi, benefit city of peaceful, heart, talk about a city, bank city, He lustre the iron and steel of 7 passageways city, cooking, cast wait for industry business to be lengthened appropriately or can shorten according to air quality wrong peak produces time. The bounds of later period produced strength and crop to form not certain factor.

Orchid case expert expresses, enter winter environmental protection to be restricted to produce will begin to carry out in the round, the flexibility that although be restricted this year,produces is taller, make the market contractive to furnishing anticipate change somewhat, but be restricted to produce limits to expand, winter is overall slant close general orientation should not appear bigger change. At present norms of southern market share has appeared in short supply, this circumstance needs to notice.

And 3 quarters data can see once upon a time, national hair changes appoint examine and approve approve fixed assets to invest a project 147, always invest 697.7 billion yuan. Among them, investment of traffic fixed assets finishs 2.28 trillion yuan, grow 1.4% compared to the same period, among them the freeway completes investment 702.6 billion yuan, grow 12.0% compared to the same period. Infrastructure investment is accelerated further pick up, had entered building site to work at present at the same time quickly period, increase ceaselessly to the demand of rolled steel.

In addition, supply pressure hopeful alleviates. Rise continuously the crude steel crop of a many month, in October the middle ten days of a month appeared to drop. The steel in occupying assist newest data shows, in October day of crude steel of look forward to of steel of key of whole nation of the middle ten days of a month all crop one million nine hundred and fifty-one thousand one hundred tons, relatively on one a period of ten days dropped 1.83% . Rolled steel inventory also appeared 2 weeks to drop considerably continuously. According to Lan Gegang platform of iron cloud business monitors data to show: Up to on October 26, inventory of society of rolled steel of city of 29 keys of countrywide is 8.466 million tons, relatively before a week dropped 382 thousand tons, relatively top March this year stock, dropped 52% . Increase as rolled steel demand, and the fall of crop and inventory, form to steel price prop up.

Good as benefit release ceaselessly, does steel price rise considerably at this point?

Horsepower of steely and chief analyst expresses Lange, short-term inside whorl steel price is in exalted wave motion, rise continuously possibility is not large. Because price of whorl steel itself has reached higher level,basically be, begin steelworks production to had tilted to whorl steel from September, raise whorl steel yield. In the meantime, enter in November, northward especially northeast and northwest area demand will be sudden atrophic, to resource of Hua Dong, Hua Na, southwest supply will form pressure. In addition, each area steelworks is restricted to produce time to begin this year opposite later, overall be restricted to produce strength opposite not tall, and below the case that in pressure of economic be issued to lower levels ministry of big, environmental protection stresses doing one knife to cut frequently, the place carries out original wrong peak to produce policy to sell at a discount possibly also.

Notable is, later period needs to pay close attention to each district closely to be restricted to produce executive situation, the metabolic circumstance of steelworks and social inventory. Once steelworks and inventory of social whorl steel begin trend sex growth, risk of later period market can be compared big.