Bay mine supplies shortage to will alleviate temporarily iro

  • Dec, 04th 2018

One, in October market reviewing

1.Because environmental protection is restricted to produce,loosen and two develop deliver goods anticipate not as good as, stock of haven bay ore is changed quickly, trafficker holds out valence apiration intense, PB price is strong, drive integral bay mine to reach dish of face to rise, but anticipate as a result of long-dated pessimism, difference of iron ore radical is pulled big.

2.Deliver goods as a result of Brazilian pink exalted, supply enough, price of tall to its excessive accepts steelworks degree drop, brazilian pink and the price difference of bay pink begin to narrow.

3.In PB strong rise in the process, steelworks turns to relatively cheap Jinbuba to beginning, exceed special, yang Di.

2, the key paid close attention to in November

1.November, two develop deliver goods whether restore, iron ore inventory (especially Pb) whether begin base library.

2.Jinbuba and Newmann quality whether restore to stabilize.

3.Environmental protection is restricted to produce after beginning to carry out, rolled steel crop or volume of evacuation of cargoes from port drop, to iron ore demand the influence has how old.

4.When does winter steelworks filling library begin.

Supply and demand balances watch and data

One, supply and demand balances a watch

2, curve of accumulative total of supply and demand: Iron ore demand had turned in October

3, abroad is supplied

1.Brazil delivers goods the quantity keeps exalted, bay mine delivers goods hard to the limit of one's capacity, concussion of sea freight perch

2.Predicting the four seasons spends force develop to deliver goods growth, but short-term not to the limit of one's capacity

3.Crop of pink of homebred iron essence restores continuously, but basically still use at making a ball

4, demand

Environmental protection is restricted to produce anticipate loosen, steelworks day bad news promotes, evacuation of cargoes from port measures perch of historical the corresponding period.

5, steelworks economic norms

6, exchange rate and useless steel

Because environmental protection is restricted to produce, molten iron is insufficient, steelworks also increases useless steel to yield than rising in succession, price of excessive of opposite molten iron still resides useless steel not to fall high.

The market invests logic

One, drive is logistic

2, inventory of steelworks iron ore and index of general family name deviate from

3, demand

October each district whole with going the library is given priority to, tang Shan steelworks fills somewhat library.

Whorl and Pb exceed special offer difference to rise continuously; Heat up a profit and difference of price of PB blocking pink considerably callback.

Difference radical needs breed appraise value and price

One, index of general family name is punished buckle

2, haven inventory

1.Haven inventory glides, basically decrease as a result of bay ore reserve

2.Pb pink stock goes continuously library

3, the price between breed is poor (price of sunshine harbor merchandise on hand)

4, piece ball excessive price

5, drive is logistic - price of Brazilian pink excessive lifts logic is pushed act

6, between breed lose by force with inventory

1.The tall excessive price of Brazilian pink and tall supply, quality does not stabilize Niumanjinbuba, make already stable quality, deliver goods insufficient Pb pink picks up favour again, instantly already made iron mine the strongest breed.

2.October iron ore merchandise on hand especially PB price is very strong, advocate supply because of resulting from in short supply, trafficker is strong hold out valence, but steelworks purchases apiration inadequacy, clinch a deal poorer.

3.Companion goes tall ceaselessly along with what bay mine price tastes in the move, steelworks begins attention to purchase low taste mine.

4.Newmann pink stock is changed quickly, but Newmann pink index still is had no improve

5.Newmann piece stock is changed quickly, according to data of steel couplet net, steelworks is increasing a mine to use scale gradually.

Strategy is recommended

Unilateral: Rose in October the steelworks in the process purchases apiration not tall, resentment is intense, begin to pay close attention to Jinbuba, exceed special, yang Di cheap resource. Restore what deliver goods as two develop gradually, predict bay mine supplies shortage to will get alleviating temporarily, iron ore is short-term may callback. In the meantime, should the 2nd sound that filling library of vigilant winter steelworks brings iron mine goes up.

Period cover interest now: 9, strategy of monthly magazine much Pb already cashed in October. The main area of instantly PB already began to produce change, deliver goods increase, steelworks resentment is intense, but Jinbubayin is compared for sexual price opposite taller and begin to be paid close attention to. On the other hand, brazilian pink delivers goods still be in exalted, price of tall to its excessive accepts steelworks degree drop. Strategy recommends Duojinbubakongka pink, cling to mix.