Panic of steel trade business drops! Whether is useless stee

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Be in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " below prices, useless steel appears to involve litre of situation up steadily for a time, achieve again and again inside year new tall. Successive 3 months are pulled continuously go up, make a businessman certain to arising at the useless steel of higher-priced panicky state of mind.

Snail of eye early days drops 3950 bits brokener, finished product material spot market clinchs a deal slant weak, be issued to lower levels of price occurrence shock. The weak force trend of finished product material affects useless steel price secondhand, make callback of occurrence perch of useless steel price, later period goes situation how, see the author is analysed as follows.

Callback of finished product price, indirect effect abandons steel price

The near future from futures dish the face goes will look on situation, appear for a time " diving " weak situation situation, make state of mind of the businessman on spot market is restrained, the concussion of weather of together with rainwater, merchandise on hand clinchs a deal suffocate suffocate is apparent. The advent of northward heating season, 11 in fall south the boreal capable person that the last ten-day of a month begins, will pound spot market again, the price can appear concussion fall after a rise. Get the useless steel market below this influence, although at present flotsam yields to still be in,slant strict state, but trafficker state of mind is relatively panicky, shipment relatively early days active, bring about steelworks to press car phenomenon to begin to show, waste steel price occurrence fall after a rise.

Steel-making cost raises, useless steel is pressed to purchase value below steelworks take advantage of an opportunity

After was carried out of whorl steel new GB in the round on November 1, steelworks of long technological process is improved to steel-making craft, join iron of vanadium nitrogen alloy, vanadium iron, niobium generally to wait, increase 150-300 yuan / or so tons steel-making cost.

At present steelworks cost is critical, market of finished product lumber slants to move infirmly, make trafficker panicky the aggravate in the heart, shipment is active, bring about steelworks to arrive cruel add, steelworks plays the trend that controls useless steel price of purpose, control raw material cost.

Useless steel demand has add without decrease, supply slant close as before

Crop respect, steelworks suffers below the guiding of usury embellish, manufacturing enthusiasm is not decreased, crop picks up stage by stage. It is reported, at present steelworks falls in the situation that manages taller gain, and the data of reserve of steel of 132 cities whorl from Mysteel follow-up shows, stock of finished product market is in low, be restricted to produce policy to fall in environmental protection, steelworks is measured to assure to be produced certainly, step up of crop of together with crude steel, certainly will promotes pair of useless steel demand.

Graph 1: Crop of countrywide crude steel

End on November 1, steelworks of furnace of 53 independent electric arc of Mysteel survey whole nation, average start working is led 76.84% , zhou Huan comparing rises 0.39% , produce can utilization rate is 75.73% , zhou Huan comparing drops 1.49% . Rate of current start working of electric arc furnace and produce can utilization rate all is in higher level, performance of useless steel demand is better, what as fault of northward heating season the peak is restricted to produce policy is farther carry out, useless steel demand will be released continuously.

Graph 2: Rate of start working of electric arc furnace and produce can utilization rate

Supply side, supply at present satisfy market demand hard. It is reported, continuously volume of produce and sale of 3 months car drops stage by stage, learn from pertinent information, quantity of car produce and sale glided again October, the personage inside course of study beforehand appraise drops this month than going up lunar extent is increased. At present car produce and sale glides in the round again, useless steel yields or will decrease continuously, reduce scope or will achieve 30-50% . In supply and demand lopsided circumstances falls, support action certainly to arriving since useless steel price, make this price callback finite.

The place on put together is narrated, finished product material period show concussion of market weak potential, useless steel suffers this effect, trafficker state of mind is panicky, shipment enthusiasm increases, steelworks arrives increase, to fill except the part library demand did not follow drop, the others all appears 30-50 yuan / ton extent glides, predicting later period slants as before in supply below close prices, drop greatly the possibility is not large.