Continuance of domestic steel price drops hasten of concussi

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Because clinch a deal to shrink somewhat,measure, market state of mind slants weak, price of steel of domestic merchandise on hand continues before this drop situation. Iron ore market is go up somewhat in concussion.

According to orgnaization of domestic steely information " my iron and steel " offerred newest market report, the closest a week, aggregate index newspaper receives price of steel of domestic merchandise on hand at 159.33 bits, a week drops 1.71% . The near future, relevant option market continues to issue defeat considerably, market state of mind is relatively pessimistic. City of steel of merchandise on hand continues be issued to lower levels, and drop expand somewhat. The market clinchs a deal atmosphere cold and cheerless, shrink apparently quantity, the businessman is operated with depreciating shipment is given priority to.

According to the analysis, on building steel market, the price drops relatively apparent. Of breed of steel of whorl of norms of mainstream of countrywide staple market all valence is every tons 4641 yuan, a week drops 81 yuan. From the point of newest reserve data, although whorl steel output has drop, but whole still is in perch; Of trafficker inventory fall close narrow, explain demand has weak sign; Steelworks inventory appears rise, pressure is being transferred to steelworks.

On plank market, the value is total also be be issued to lower levels. Hot-rolling board coils the price drops apparent, the market of product of hot-rolling of norms of mainstream of countrywide staple market all valence is every tons 4070 yuan, a week drops 84 yuan. In thick board the price drops considerably, the average price of medium plate of general of norms of mainstream of countrywide staple market is every tons 4272 yuan, a week drops 63 yuan. Later period consumption is off-season forthcoming, market state of mind slants at pessimism.

Iron ore market goes overally situation it is concussion slants strong. According to " Xi Benxin is trunk " newest report, on homebred mine market, price of pink of domestic iron essence is certain in see go up, raw ore supply shows inadequacy slightly, price performance is strong. The entrance goes up somewhat in mine price shock, up to 8 days, 62% grade import iron ore price to be every tons of 76.25 dollars, zhou Huan comparing rises 1.7 dollars. Stock of iron ore of countrywide main haven already went now 3 weeks to fall continuously, of downstream steel look forward to purchase a circumstance opposite better.

Relevant orgnaization analysis thinks, at present the state of mind of rolled steel market tends careful, price fall, also released particular risk at the same time. Short-term inside domestic steel value is total be in after dropping dish whole situation.