Drop can the whorl with full power still invert?

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Agreement of whorl steel brunt did not think of to prop up next returning to be able to be defeated in merchandise on hand drop, the change that still should emphasize going up in main area recently is not big, merchandise on hand of Shanghai whorl steel reduces 120 yuan from high point only / ton, dish of face from October the bottom begins already callback many bits 400, among them original bigger base the account that difference takes spread further still may be in what city place calls " off-season anticipate " .

Inventory of this society of week whorl steel reduces one hundred and ninety-four thousand eight hundred tons to reach three million three hundred and sixty-four thousand four hundred tons, steelworks inventory increases fifty-four thousand four hundred tons to reach one million seven hundred and sixty-two thousand three hundred tons. At present whorl society inventory relatively the corresponding period reduced six hundred and thirty-two thousand two hundred tons last year, steelworks inventory relatively the corresponding period reduced four hundred and thirty-four thousand seven hundred tons last year, company library and factory library combine plan the corresponding period reduced one million and sixty-six thousand nine hundred tons last year. Stock is small a contradiction that brings about merchandise on hand to go up erupt hard from beginning to end, you say merchandise on hand drops no more than is demand difference perhaps is supplied increase, but in look mere at present existence stock falls fast put delay, so spot price has relatively prop up,

The prices that rise was burnished already quickly, time jumps over in the future to bull the more adverse, should enter rolled steel immediately downstream and off-season time paragraph, because environmental protection is restricted to produce,had been in stable phase, what affect to crop is fluctuant not quite, it is spot price of the demand rolled steel that prop up at present so.

Whorl steel produces cost to rise apparently after new GB is carried out, at present complete cost already achieved whorl of steelworks of flow of Jiangsu ground warden 3600-3800 yuan, electric steel plant is complete cost achieves 4100-4200 yuan. Profit of whorl steel merchandise on hand is at present good still, but futures dish cost of long technological process is approached under the cost line that the face already dropped to electric steel, and at present market nominal mood still relatively grumous, ask a person feels to want to drop casually, below this kind of state of mind instead 01 agreement are down a space not quite.