Highest drop 150! 20 steelworks depreciate steel city all th

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On November 12, market of domestic steel products falls defeat considerably.

The downstream last week demand that use steel drops in temperature apparently, tang Shan billet drops greatly on the weekend, panicky sentiment spreads, the manufacturer depreciates now pocket of shipment in an attempt to is how.

12 days, black fastens futures to drop generally, period snail drops the biggest, only cooking coal futures slants strong concussion. That day, period snail brunt drops considerably, DIF and DEA intersect downward, 3 lines are located in RSI index between 20-40, period snail is in the course below cloth forest belt to move, short-term weak force moves, prop up below see 3750-3800.

12 days, 10-150 of price of factory of the v below company of production of 20 building steel products of domestic yuan / ton.

Rolled steel merchandise on hand

Building steel products: On November 12, 3 class of 20mm of 25 main cities of countrywide whorl steel all valence 4576 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day drops 64 yuan / ton. Billet drops greatly on the weekend, trafficker fears tall mood highlighting, terminal business demand turns poor, and supply resides perch, contradiction is highlighted, short-term callback behavior is to avoid danger mood is brought about on one hand, difference of the price between area is bigger on the other hand, have repair necessary. Considering round-the-clock clinch a deal to anticipate not as good as apparently, price of short-term building steel products will still lose situation move.

Hot-rolling board coils: On November 12, 24 main cities of countrywide 4.75 hot-rolling board roll the whole nation all valence 4001 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day drops 69 yuan / ton. Look with respect to steelworks, near future profit still is in complete cost above, because this is in short-term inside, depreciating desire is not strong. The apiration of businessman avoid risk and idea are relatively clear, because this is right market price impact is bigger. The sale increases the circumstance of pressure to fall, price hasten goes infirmly situation is bad change.

Cold rolling board coils: On November 12, cold rolling of 1.0mm of 24 main cities of countrywide all valence 4670 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day drops 48 yuan / ton. Billet drops considerably on the weekend cause steel city concussion, plank of Zhou Yi reopen after a cessation of business fastens each breed to all drop greatly, hasten of environment of market of domestic cold rolling enters hot water. According to market knowledge, in the prices that drops continuously in the price, downstream client is wait-and-see state of mind is grumous, trafficker respect state of mind is pessimistic, contend for depreciate shipment of in an attempt to, but clinch a deal actually still poorer. In light of whole, predict short-term inside cold rolling spot price will lose continuously force be issued to lower levels.

In thick board: On November 12, general of 20mm of 24 main cities of countrywide board all valence 4230 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day drops 40 yuan / ton. Sale of feedback of businessman of each district market is extremely weak, low resource emerges in endlessly, capital pressure is greater the businessman is forced to trade a volume with valence. Steelworks yields and inventory is reduced continuously, pressure alleviates stage by stage. But demand of integral steel city is weaker, price of short-term medium plate will still maintain weak force to drop situation.

Raw material merchandise on hand

Entrance mine: On November 12, harbor of Beijing the Tang Dynasty mine of pink of 61.5% Australia PB 587 yuan / ton, relatively go up to trade day drops 7 yuan / ton. Rolled steel market falls defeat considerably now, steelworks raw material purchases be thwarted of state of mind, entrance mine market clinchs a deal relatively cold and cheerless, predict short-term mine price slants to move infirmly.

Coke: Spot market of coke of 12 days of home is held more firm move, current anxious price returns to historical perch. Supply a side, below embellish of small stock, usury, start working of anxious look forward to lies as before opposite perch, shanxi part area suffers Qiu Dong season to be restricted to produce an effect, start working has small to glide, integral influence is relatively finite; State of mind of anxious look forward to of respect of state of mind is relatively hopeful, occurrence part fears tall state of mind, and last weekend billet price drops considerably, bigger to market sentiment blow, support wait-and-see attitude more at present; Demand side, passageway of be issued to lower levels of rolled steel price already open, profit is relatively contractive, and draw near the middle of a month 15 days, steelworks autumn winter is restricted to produce or begin to increase, the acceptance of anxious to perch price spends steelworks drop, but at present steelworks of short duration did not enter Qiu Dong season to be restricted to produce, demand of look forward to of the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus of short-term expensive go into operation is passable.

Taking one with another, coke merchandise on hand short-term or hold firm give priority to, the new market after needing to await steelworks to decide Qiu Dong season is restricted to produce kind is offerred, require a structure.

Abandon steel: Disorder of market of useless now steel drops, most steelworks reduces useless steel to purchase the value considerably, drop a 20-250 yuan / ton. Among them Shanxi area drops influence is sweeping, steelworks considers from manufacturing cost, reduce useless steel to use considerably, bring about useless steel to drop bigger. Index of price of Mysteel useless steel is 2610.7, drop 0.23% . Suffer accumulative total of Tang Shan billet to drop on the weekend 140 yuan / ton influence, steelworks of Tang Shan area drops considerably useless steel purchases the value, other area steelworks follows drop, disorder of market price case drops, futures price still goes low considerably now, finished product price follows considerably drop, abandon in a state of anxiety of steel market will of people, businessman panic throws money, quote disorder, predict the short-term market that abandon steel continues to drop.

Special steel merchandise on hand

Actor spy steel: Price of actor spy steel drops considerably now, suffer Shandong actor is particular on the weekend steel price is affected considerably, value of market of actor spy steel drops generally now 20-50 yuan / ton. The whole nation will see 45#4381 yuan / ton drop 45 yuan / ton, 40Cr4609 yuan / ton drop 39 yuan / ton, 20CrMnTi4753 yuan / ton drop 33 yuan / ton, crMo5088 yuan / ton drop 28 yuan / ton. Shandong actor is particular total reserve of steelworks great ability two hundred and thirty-one thousand two hundred tons, from October the middle ten days of a month has been contacted rise 4 weeks, relatively increase seventeen thousand five hundred tons last week, annulus comparing is added 8.2% , relatively the corresponding period increased seventy-four thousand two hundred tons last year, increase compared to the same period 47.3% .

Current inventory has achieved the highest value since April 2, will look compared to the same period, also be this year highest. Predict short-term actor is particular steel price continues to glide give priority to.

Industrial wire: Price of wire of industry of 12 days of whole nations continues to drop, countrywide cold Dui all valence 4677-4714 yuan / ton, pull silk all valence 4422 yuan / ton, hard line all valence 4609 yuan / ton. In October 2018, home is multiplied sell two million and forty-six thousand eight hundred in all with the car, drop compared to the same period 12.99% . Steelworks respect, the dominant steelworks producer price such as 11 days of Sha Gang reduces 80-130 yuan / ton, steelworks shipment pressure increases. Data shows, cold last week Dui, hard line and pull silk to clinch a deal annulus score does not decrease 30% , 13% with 4% . Price of tomorrow industry wire continues weak force is adjusted.

Steel city is forecasted

Supply end: Arrived November 5 November 8, mysteel visits Tang Shan steel mill season of on-the-spot survey heating is restricted to produce executive situation. From the point of this second survey circumstance, as a result of most and steely enterprise the investment to environmental protection establishment is larger this year, cause environmental processing to be improved somewhat, and most steelworks has heating job, predict Qiu Dong season is restricted to produce a situation this year than became loose somewhat last year.

With the Mysteel before this beforehand the influence quantity of appraise agrees basically, involve 35 steelworks in all 139 blast furnace make an appointment with day all beforehand appraise affects crop one hundred and sixteen thousand four hundred tons, occupy about 30% what be restricted to produce steelworks total output, deserve to compare into furnace, be restricted completely below the element influence such as coefficient of useless steel dosage, blast furnace postpartum and actual molten iron output and the probability that heating season photograph compared small to increase last year are higher.

Heibei visits 11 towns on November 11 18 when to 16 days 12 when release early-warning of orange of heavy pollution weather, lash-up of class of the Ⅱ that start is answered. Among them, assessment of performance of Tang Shan steelworks is A kind 30%- 40% of agglomeration engine stop production; The evaluation is B kind, agglomeration engine stop production 50% ; The evaluation is C kind, agglomeration engine stop production 60% ; The evaluation is D kind, agglomeration machine stays completely.

In November the first ten days of a month, strength of domestic steelworks reduction of output is finite, pollute weather frequency hair as winter, strength of reduction of output of predicting later period is increased stage by stage,

Demand end: Monitor 237 mainstreams trafficker according to Mysteel, building materials day all clinched a deal in October the quantity is as high as 206 thousand tons, 11 the first ten days of a month glide reach 164 thousand tons, demand drops in temperature apparently.

October, the car produces two million three hundred and thirty-four thousand five hundred, drop compared to the same period 10.05% ; Sell two million three hundred and eighty thousand one hundred, drop compared to the same period 11.70% . Domestic car city is successive two moons are small confuse expression, demand of market of plank of farther be a burden on.

In light of whole, last weekend Tang Shan billet drops considerably, aggravating market pessimism, today date shows synchronism to fill drop. Rolled steel spot market clinchs a deal to glide apparently last week, and strength of steelworks reduction of output is not great, and anticipate heating season is restricted to produce strength under last year the corresponding period, pressure of supply and demand is increased, steelworks inventory begins to pick up.

At present the market is full of by low resource, after dropping, clinch a deal still not beautiful, short-term steel price or weak force be issued to lower levels.