Does odd-numbered days of steel price counterattack soare 30

  • Dec, 04th 2018

From 7, rolled steel price is off-season August not weak, arrive " gold 9 " quality is insufficient, arrive again " silver-colored 10 " whorl steel price is achieved inside year new tall. Look at steel price all the way " wade " walked along the perch 2018 finally, appeared to drop continuously in what abrupt prevented not as good as November however. And drop situation last many days nearly 20, the phenomenon that the last ten-day of a month appeared to steep fall even, let many people feel indeed do not wear brains.

Received the last month 2018 now, did rolled steel price go December situation will how?

On December 1, "Be used to is met especially " end, the message that square media transmits in, telangpu has promised those who move products of pair of China of 200 billion dollar to will go up on January 1, 2019 add impose duty tax rate, and bilateral negotiation goes down proceed. Suffer Sino-US cancel to add ask for good impact of custom duty profit, steel price appeared to rebound, partial steelworks increased rolled steel producer price. As steel price go up considerably tone, turned round quickly November drop situation.

According to Lan Gegang platform of iron cloud business monitors data to show, end on December 3, 2018, index of steely and integrated price is Lange 150.3 a little bit, relatively before one day rose 3.8 a little bit; 3 level of 25mm of Φ of city of 10 big focal points whorl steel all valence is 4038 yuan, relatively before one day rose 110 yuan, rose than last week 61 yuan; Price of Tang Shan billet is 3330 yuan, relatively before one day rose 250 yuan, relatively rose last week 210 yuan. Odd-numbered days of weekday of producer price of spot price of parcel area steel products, steelworks soares more than 300 yuan.

Although the price appeared to rebound, but also cannot blind and hopeful. Drop as air temperature at present, northern region especially northeast area enters freeze-up, purchase demand to glide apparently. Although southern region sales volume and order index appear,pick up, but carry on ability and digestible energy force still remain to observe. According to Lan Gegang statistic of platform of iron cloud business releases portion iron and steel is current in November 2018 total index of PMI of course of study 44.5, relatively go up lunar fall after a rise 5.2 percent. Findings shows, sales volume of steely November current business and order drop considerably, market state of mind glides quickly, purchase apiration to be reduced apparently, at present steel city off-season feature has begun to be shown stage by stage. Predict, be issued to lower levels of boom of demand of steely December circulation market.

In addition, crop and rate of steelworks start working appeared to rise. The steel in occupying assist announce data to show, the first ten days of a month was mixed in November the middle ten days of a month, crude steel yield appeared to rise, rose respectively 1.1 mix 35 thousand tons. In addition, in occupying a hunderd schools of whole nation of Lan Gegang iron, start working of blast furnace of small steely company is led for 78.7% , rise 0.5 percent than last week. Although at present social inventory still lies,drop passageway, but factory library appeared to rise, below the circumstance that still rising in crop, library of later period factory the circumstance to company library tired library or will appear.

Chief analyst horsepower indicates net of Lan Gegang iron, accumulative total of price of countrywide rolled steel dropped in November 800-1000 yuan, because the market anticipates,this basically is not beautiful. Include among them heating season steelworks is restricted to produce proportion this year under last year, winter steel output will maintain Gao Shuiping this year, war of Sino-US to next year trade worries about those who produce substantial effect, and what overall economy increases rate is anxious. Before dropping plus the price price of each breed rolled steel is in countrywide each district higher level, steelworks profit is rich and generous, on perch of this kind of price, winter of steel trade business store apiration can say be basically 0.

Horsepower reminds, it is very normal that sex of occurrence rehabilitate of near future price rebounds, message of assuasive of Sino-US trade war is promoted and just increased rebounding strength. But to this second price rebound, still need to be answered carefully, of long-term sex, copy a bottom in great quantities to be bought do not suggest to be done now; Current in light of steel city main area, the circumstance with small this year proportion of winter steelworks reduction of output still exists, after before a few days of steely prices drop quickly, had dropped broke steelworks cost string, but because time passes short, and drop the range of broken cost line is not big, the circumstance that steelworks did not appear to be overhauled centrally. And this second rebound make the price returned to above of steelworks cost line, concentration the overhaul, reduction of output is more impossible.