This year's thermal coal market will be in a pattern of overall balance of supply and demand and a slightly looser off-season. The inventory strategy of the power plant still has a

2018-2019 is the concentrated production period of ethylene glycol production capacity, but the consumption in the polyester field is far less than the supply. In addition, the Spri

Methanol futures continued to rebound in the near future due to the impact of stocking. However, considering the domestic supply pressure is still large, the sustainability of deman

Benefiting from the strong rebound of crude oil, market risk appetite has picked up, coupled with the tropical storm “Babke” approaching southern Thailand will bring a large ran

This week (1.2-1.4), the domestic iron ore market fluctuated, the domestic mining market rose steadily, and the import mine market fluctuated. In terms of domestic mines, the overal

With the reduction of production by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), the price of crude oil futures continued to rebound in the past two weeks. The main con