US crude oil futures prices are still weak in the beginning of 2019, and are currently down to around $45.25. Analysts pointed out that the overall outlook for the oil market this y

Overview For the steel industry in 2018, although there was not much capacity to remove strips in 2017, environmentally-friendly conventional production limits and unconventional pr

(1) The price of the main producing area has risen unsuccessfully, and the price has fallen: There is a feeling of price at the beginning of the month, but with the increase in stee

Important Information and Opinion Strategy (1)News Information Shenhua’s annual long-term price of 553 in January 2019 is 582 for the monthly long-term agreement and 512 for the 5

This year's thermal coal market will be in a pattern of overall balance of supply and demand and a slightly looser off-season. The inventory strategy of the power plant still has a

2018-2019 is the concentrated production period of ethylene glycol production capacity, but the consumption in the polyester field is far less than the supply. In addition, the Spri