Executive summary Under the current macroeconomic expectations, we expect that the demand for end-use demand for textile and textile apparel in the past 19 years will show “just n

Market Review This week's coking coal coke surface fluctuated. Coking coal main contract, closed at 1198.5 yuan / ton, down 57.5 yuan / ton. The coke main contract closed at 1993 yu

We believe that there are several reasons: 1) The domestic Yunnan region has been cut, while the Thai region is disturbed by rain and weather, resulting in relatively tight supply o

Review of supply and demand structure The three-year capacity-removal task was basically completed, and the marginal effect of supply on price was diminished in the future through p

Cooling snow warning According to the weather forecast information, from 25th to 30th, there will be a strong cold air carrying gale cooling and freezing rain and snow affect most p

The silico-manganese 1901 contract has experienced a baptism of funds, and even the spot price has been sluggish. The recent spot market focus is on the tender price of steel mills