On December 2, sponsor by Dalian Commodity Exchange 2018 the 14th China (Shenzhen) activity of special performance of Commodity Exchange of Dalian of international futures mass rall

On December 10, glycol futures will appear on the market in Dalian Commodity Exchange. Regard catenary of industry of energy chemical industry as medium important breed, means of th

(1) advocate accumulative total of price yield a division drops 450 yuan / or so tons Steelworks profit glides quickly, steelworks upstream coke seeks profit, charcoal of the focus

Futures of PTA of Zheng business place brings the negotiant outside entering a country 5 successes are started last week, up to that day morning 9 when, the negotiant outside sharin

Although Sino-US commerce chafes occurrence a favourable turn, but in light of metaphase, below pressure of cost be issued to lower levels, PTA rebounds height is finite, suggest to

Pulp futures goes low considerably since appear on the market, at present brunt agreement quotes 4978 yuan / ton, compare silver-colored star of spot market mainstream to quote 5800