Cutting rubber is a thing that both sides are very uncomfortable. The gum tree is painful and the rubber farmers are hard. However, the price of natural rubber has continued to slum

Last week was a week of short-selling stocks. Crude oil and stock indexes all went out of the four negative lines, and the overall decline was also larger than in previous weeks. Th

overnight crude oil plummeted, energy products are bleak Based on deep concerns about global economic demand, crude oil plummeted more than 6% on December 24, falling to nearly a ye

Abstract: On Christmas Eve, the US stock market crash caused fears of future economic downturn, and international oil prices plummeted by 7%, causing domestic fuel oil to hit a dail

Abstract 1. High-speed growth of ethylene glycol production capacity: In 2019, the production capacity of ethylene glycol was concentrated. It is estimated that the domestic ethylen

Since December, although the OPEC+ production reduction agreement is basically in line with market expectations, the crude oil has not stopped growing, and the price of the end of t