International oil price drops repeatedly changeover of 7 wee

  • Dec, 04th 2018

International oil price drops repeatedly oil retail price will greet finished product of country of changeover of 7 weeks of supply demand relations to reduce again

Last week, get of multiple interest empty factor dozen pressure, international oil price drops considerably, beautiful crude falls greatly 11.64% , record so that the biggest odd week dropped since the bottom in November 2014, also be Zhouxian drops the 7th week continuously, lowest touchs 50.15 dollars / bucket, for since October 12, 2017 lowest, will nearly 4 when the distance touchs at the beginning of October years nod 76.9 dollars high / bucket, drop to already exceeded 30% . Bulunte line of crude oil week drops 11.79% , also be successive the 7th week drops, achieve even more one year for a time new low to 58.41 dollars / bucket.

Jin Lian achieves Han of crude assay division politics oneself is being accepted yesterday " negotiable securities daily " when the reporter is interviewed, express, since October, crude price drops continuously, main reason or the change because of supply demand relations cause, original market anticipates international crude oil will be to beg be more than for, but as a result of sand amount of crude oil of inventory of increase production of special, Russia, United States increases, the dollar appreciates, world economy next year will appear decline, and embargo of Iranian crude oil did not expect the impact that waits for a message so closely, changeover the supply demand relations with international original crude oil, make crude oil is supplied be anxious superfluously to grow in intensity, bring about international oil price to enter drop passageway.

Han Zheng oneself express, on face of supply and demand, the market is superfluous to supplying now be anxious to be sent more intense, make international oil price presents the trend of be issued to lower levels, and because,the crude oil that produces several times during this drops is dish a large number of medium undersell cause directly, this brought about crude price to be in directly dish in occurrence bluff type drops. Divide this beyond, still have a few other reasons, include American president Telangpu the speech that a series of hope oil price walk along low also makes oil price bears greater pressure, additionally still the dollar rises the influence that waits for an element.

From close period of time since each orgnaization looks to the anticipation of oil price, relatively inactive also. Gao Cheng predicts future a few weeks of oil price will continue to fluctuate. Gao Cheng's report says, need has main area element to drive, look forward to of oil price ability is firm rise finally, oil price steeps fall report gives the be anxiousing with superfluous to was being supplied 2019 market once more, as growth worry lasts aggravate, heavy goods and asset encounter undersell in the round. Demand drops considerably or Europe admire is overcome not reduction of output, will be oil price from two when at present the level picks up main risks. But Gao Cheng thinks two kinds of afore-mentioned circumstances are unlikely to happen, but what care more is latter, this kind of change will bring about the price to go low continuously.

Han Zheng oneself express, although oil price drops,general and adumbrative economy puts delay, but oil price drops itself to China economy or be not evildoing. Above all, oil price drops to have an apparent profit to our country is crude oil imports cost to drop. Develop continuously as our country economy, had replaced the United States to become the world's oldest oil to import a country completely at present, the be issued to lower levels of international oil price will reduce our country oil to import cost and petro-chemical trade cost directly, deliver through industrial catenary, reduce whole of our country economy to run cost. Next, raw material price drops to be improved to the cost of downstream industry will ambitious drop at the income to upriver industry. To China, oil price and commodity price drop can bring shrink of the risk anxious, the pressure that parades industry income glides goes up in also can be being brought about, but commodity price drops brought downstream trade cost drops far the income of industry of the upper reaches in be more than falls, meanwhile oil price drops the foreign trade environment that will improve China, will integratedly see oil price drop to our country whole word interest is more than fraud.

Eminent achieves Meng Peng of oily analyst of information finished product to tell " negotiable securities daily " reporter, will look at present, information of the bull on crude market is less, although the Oupeike at the beginning of December will discuss matters concerned of reduction of output again, but below the condition that adds continuously in American crude output and inventory, global oil market supplies superfluous current situation to be improved hard, the possibility that prospective crude price rebounds considerably is inferior. As a result of the crude oil that at present home calculates change is led as before in negative worth, retail price will greet oil of this periodic country finished product to reduce again, and drop as before bigger.