Pulp futures hangs out his shingle formally trade

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Financial website dispatch on November 27 morning 9 when, pulp futures is in Shanghai futures exchange (next weighing that go up period place) hang out his shingle formally trade. Finance of place of meeting vice-chairman Fang Xinghai, Shanghai supervises Chinese card inspect board of product of paper of Gu Zhiren of vice-chairman of federation of light industry of Zheng Yang of management board director, China, pulp (PPPC) vice-president Timothy Brown, on Jiang Yan of period institute director is attended appear on the market the ceremony makes a speech early or late, director of Wei of Zhao of association of papermaking of vice-chairman of Vice-chairman Fang Xinghai, Director Zheng Yang, Gu Zhiren, China and on director of cliff of period place ginger is pulp futures to appear on the market jointly push rod. Inspect of card of China of read out of Cheng Shen of vice director of sessional goods superintendency department meets card inspect " the give an official that trades about agreeing with Shanghai futures exchange to begin pulp futures " , xi Zhiyong of period place general manager is chaired on appear on the market ceremony. Come from related Shanghai, country inspect of association of papermaking of federation of light industry of ministries and commissions, China, China, card is met systematic unit, on unit of period institute member, bail puts a valve fluctuation of catenary of industry of bank, papermaking swims more than 300 honored guests such as media of orgnaization of enterprise, market, news attended a ceremony.

Fang Xinghai goes out in speech middle finger, build option market of our country pulp, change to reflecting our country and supply and demand of global pulp market objectively, of protectionism of forest of the country that help strength and environmental protection policy carry out, the international force that strengthens product of paper of our country oar and speech counterpoise, guide papermaking industry to make the same score steady healthy progress to have important sense. Pulp futures still is business of relevant production, consumption, trade to offer set period the tool that keep a cost, help enterprise stabilizes production, guarantee profit, enhance competition ability. Card inspect can have it is confidence, good to have determination, capable to had built option market had built option market, development, serve hypostatic economy better, make new contribution for development of high quality of our country economy.

Zheng Yang expresses, pulp futures appears on the market the range that will extend money market and deepness, abound financial product and tool further, the function that promotes center of Shanghai international banking natural resources of finance of configuration whole world and the capacity that society of service country economy expands, strengthen the radiant emitance of center of Shanghai international banking and global force ceaselessly, it is energy level of service of Shanghai promotion banking, domain of start shooting finance " Shanghai serves " of the brand strong prop up.

Gu Zhiren expresses in the speech, of pulp futures go up line, it is major interest undoubtedly to market of Chinese papermaking industry good. Hope pulp futures develops the function that its price discovers adequately, establish the pulp value that the market recognizes, promote the speech on the international market right; Offer price risk to manage a tool for the enterprise, abound quote mode, the lock decides price risk; To can last of industry of our country papermaking stability develops, tamp foundation, carry brace up confidence, establish banner.

Timothy Brown expresses, considering China's tremendous pulp consumption, china has the effect that hold the balance on world pulp market. The pulp futures distance that believes Shanghai futures exchange makes Chinese market even a the price of Asia-Pacific area is fiducial day too won't long.

Jiang Yan is in acknowledge express in the word, appear on the market pulp futures, be helpful for forming report China, and even the price system of supply demand relations of global pulp market, provide effective risk management tool for hypostatic enterprise, supportive papermaking industry steadily healthy progress. Period place guards firmly the bottom line that does not produce systematization risk on, aggrandizement a gleam of superintends duty, promotion is in trade, the risk management of the respect such as complete a business transaction, settle accounts, information, technology and market service ability, ensure of pulp futures appear on the market smoothly and dovish move.