PTA futures internationalization starts smooth

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Futures of PTA of Zheng business place brings the negotiant outside entering a country 5 successes are started last week, up to that day morning 9 when, the negotiant outside sharing about 80 family circumstances succeeds in 16 members unit open an account, among them legal person client is occupied than be close to 90% , the client outside the condition shares enthusiasm taller. The personage inside course of study expresses, PTA futures makes sense of the negotiant outside entering a country great, be helpful for promoting PTA futures the price consequence in the whole world not only, the internationalization of the characteristic futures breed that also is our country explored a way.

Window of innovation of A.PTA futures internationalization is much

PTA futures is our country's particular futures breed, internationalization condition is most mature. The negotiant outside entering a country is brought to start ceremonial press conference to go up in PTA futures, what Zheng Shang is not Guo Shuhua of produce department inspector general to express, first when choice PTA regards Zheng Shang as place open to the outside world futures breed, basically have tripartite face reason:

It is the international trade of downstream product on PTA industry catenary the amount is larger, and main commerce country distributings in " one belt all the way " along the line. Although PTA oneself imports and exports is measured not quite, but if the PX of upriver raw material that suffers effect of PTA futures price and downstream polyester product are filament, short fine and bottle an international trade amount that waits for breed is very large. Our country imported PX1443 2017 10 thousand tons, entrance depend on sb or sth for existence is spent achieve 59% ; Product of our country polyester exports a quantity to achieve 5.47 million tons, 15% what hold domestic output.

2 it is condition foreign minister closes an enterprise to have really participate in demand. PTA futures regards the whole world as breed of exclusive futures of polyester industry catenary, as its international consequence expands increasingly, the desire that relevant enterprise shares PTA futures outside the condition is stronger and stronger. The enterprise outside the condition such as company of Italian GSI company, industry of American family family name, BP is in for many times different situation was conveyed share aspiration, arrive visit bourse to understand PTA to open to the outside world working progress, study is relevant and regular.

3 it is PTA futures has appeared on the market 12 years, breed moves very smooth, especially some closer year of function play is first-rate. PTA futures day all clinched a deal 2017 five hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred hand, day all maintains a warehouse the quantity reachs 1.08 million hand, from the point of dimensions and fluidity, the risk that can satisfy all sorts of investor completely runs requirement. Additional, spot price dependency stabilizes PTA period for a long time in 0.99 the left and right sides, the manufacturing company of 90% , trade business and the polyester enterprise of 80% are using PTA futures to undertake covering period keep a cost. PTA futures function develops successive and old stability to be in " the first echelon formation " , in chemical industry the be among the best of candidates in tasting. Accordingly, PTA futures brings the foundation of the negotiant outside entering a country and condition to had matured.

As we have learned, zheng Shang was in respect of PTA futures internationalization to make a lot of effort, there also is bigger innovation in regular system respect:

It is in respect of proper sex regulation, PTA futures adopted proper sex each other to admit, already debutted or open other churchyard futures to trade the place is specific breed trades attributive or trade the negotiant of encode, negotiant that opens an account 2 times, but the exempt knowledge test, applicable capital, requirement that meets all previous of The Book of Changes. In addition, accord with " investor of negotiable securities futures is suitable sexual government measure " professional investor of the regulation also but exempt.

2 be in respect of system of complete a business transaction, according to PTA industry characteristic, what Zheng Shang undertook the following innovation: Introduce exit to serve business system, the buyer outside the condition that receives money to wish to participate in complete a business transaction of purpose offers acting complete a business transaction and serve what goods exports; When conjugate of complete a business transaction, sheet of the storehouse that keep tax priority assignment gives the buying party outside the condition; After conjugate of complete a business transaction, to pay taxes storehouse to conjugate odd churchyard uses the means that storehouse odd contest sells, solve conjugate of the negotiant outside the condition to arrive after pay taxes storehouse is odd the issue that cannot handle.

"Profit from this system, the investor outside the condition can enter the market very conveniently. " Guo Shuhua says, although the time of preparation of PTA futures internationalization is not very long, but the investor outside the condition opens an account to upsurge enthusiasticly.

B. Futures aids force PTA industry to do do greatly strong

PTA is a large amount of important spin raw material. The raw material of PTA is PX, fountainhead is oil, it is bottle of polyester fiber, polyester downstream piece with polyester film, it is spin garment industry downstream again.

Wish Introduction according to Chinese oil and information of chemical Joint Industry Conference and market department head, come nearly 12 years, industry of our country PTA grows quickly, had become the PTA with the greatest whole world to produce country and consumptive country at present. 2006, when PTA futures appears on the market, our country PTA is produced can only 9.45 million tons, crop 6.7 million tons, only import measures 7 million tons, entrance depend on sb or sth for existence is spent 51% . 2017 the end of the year, our country PTA is produced can exceed 49 million tons, occupy global PTA to always be produced about can 55% , 56% . PTA crop achieves 35.86 million tons, only import measures 20 thousand tons, entrance depend on sb or sth for existence is spent reduce greatly. In last few years, our country PTA realized autarky basically, the problem of raw material bottleneck that makes industry of our country polyester is faced with is able to break through. In the meantime, the PTA product of our country still realized partial exit.

"From the point of domestic estate development, most the business that begins sortie PTA production is medium oil, medium petrifaction such state-owend enterprise. After 2010, domestic PTA industry is entered produce exhibition period of can fast hair, appeared to be filled with ease on the market, Heng Li produces the PTA that can achieve 2 million tons to produce device for the representing's single track. As industry technology level rise ceaselessly and of bibcock enterprise drive, at present domestic PTA product has clear international competition advantage in the respect such as character, cost. " wish expresses.

Wish says, PTA futures appears on the market nearly 12 years to come, the market moves smooth, serve hypostatic economy effect to show, the PTA futures positive effect to hypostatic industry body is the following now 4 respects:

It is PTA futures price the price that makes trade of merchandise on hand is fiducial, the reference standard with become domestic PTA enterprise and polyester enterprise to be in one of running a course continuously very important, raised fluctuation to swim the price efficiency of the product and efficiency of market configuration resource.

2 it is PTA futures becomes the risk with essential industry to manage a tool, PTA enterprise and polyester enterprise use PTA futures to be opposite strong risk, flowing profit curve, industry of PTA of the our country that help strength is done do greatly strong.

3 it is PTA futures change of will redundant crop is financing tool, reduced inventory and content effectively to spread cost. Because sheet of PTA futures storehouse can be used at filling to touch, fold touch and impawn, have financing function, in last few years sheet of PTA futures storehouse innovates repeatedly tall, it is an enterprise will redundant crop registers futures storehouse sheet change is financing tool. Sheet of PTA futures storehouse is general, can connect like deposit namely keep an exchange, the client of hold storehouse sheet is OK from the distance pick up the goods of recent storehouse of complete a business transaction, the inventory that reduced entire industry greatly and content spread cost.

4 it is PTA futures conduces to domestic company essence of life grinding definitely sentence long-dated market, hold in intense international competition first machine.

C. The personage inside course of study values PTA futures internationalization

Limited company of trade of Ma Kerui the sources of energy (next weighing Makerui) it is a global energy resources and heavy goods trading company, main and dedicated at domain of energy chemical industry, chain of entire industry of layout heavy goods, business activity includes heavy goods commerce and investment of relevant strategy capital, year sale exceeds 100 billion dollar, existing employee exceeds 1000 people, business spreads all over 50 many countries and area. In addition, ma Kerui still has the infrastructure related commerce, be like crude oil and area of finished product oilcan and dock, and asset of upper reaches of relevant heavy goods.

Ma Kerui is derived taste this world of king of the member that trade to express on the news briefing, ma Kerui values Chinese market highly, established a branch in China in the beginning of the company is built, it is the participator outside first condition of crude oil and iron ore futures, bring circumstance of progress of business of the negotiant outside entering a country to pay close attention to highly all the time to PTA futures. PTA futures appears on the market up to now, have better market liquidity, it is home clinchs a deal the chemical industry with the biggest dimensions that maintain a warehouse tastes futures, market function play is good, PTA futures internationalization enlists the more convenient company that cross a state, the company will take an active part in PTA futures to trade continuously.

According to Introduction Wang Yang, ma Kerui undertook PTA futures trade through new lake futures. To participate in Zheng Shang place PTA futures trades, ma Kerui early did careful arrangement and deploy,

It is system of regulations of law of concerned option market of constituent study China, understanding PTA futures moves a condition, futures of PTA of place of business of serious study Zheng makes the regular system of the negotiant outside entering a country;

2 it is to establish trade technically group, built the administrative system such as built-in control, risk management, Information Circular according to internationalization regulation;

3 it is in China churchyard opened NRA account, preparation trades amply capital, applied for PTA futures to trade through new lake futures encode, had done participate in preparation.

"Our country is the biggest PTA production country, but in upriver PX entrance price and downstream polyester product export price respect, the price consequence of domestic company remains to increase. PTA futures brings the negotiant outside entering a country to conduce to optimize structure of participator of PTA option market, form thereby have more extensive representative price is fiducial, raise condition foreign minister to close an enterprise to be opposite of PTA futures price approbate degree, promote PTA futures the price consequence in the whole world, stimulative PTA and volume of polyester product international trade rise. " ease fills Xu Jien of vise general manager of petrifaction sale center to express on the news briefing.

According to Introduction Xu Jien, ease fills petrifaction is the company of production of PTA merchandise on hand with the biggest whole world at present, in Liaoning Dalian, Zhejiang riverside has Ning Bo and sea southern Asia base of 3 big production, PTA is produced per year can achieve 13.5 million tons, occupy our country PTA to always be produced about can 28% . Ease fills petrochemical to produce can control of technology of dimensions, equipment, cost and quality management lead position is in in the industry, clear advantage is had in international competition.

As we have learned, ease filled petrifaction to finish the dimensions in link of polyester, PTA already basically to change development, begin outspread turn a project to upriver refine, petrifaction of ease of parent company constant invests build in Brunei 8 million tons of refine turns unifinication project, will make ease fills petrifaction to become the company that has entire industry catenary to fight periodic risk ability. "Can say our company has made the adequate preparation that answers international competition. " Xu Jien says.

D. Internationalization brings historical opportunity to futures industry

The performance that cites the negotiant outside entering a country first days from PTA futures looks, the market moves smooth, did not appear unusual wave motion. According to understanding of futures daily reporter, the coronal connects the client outside futures condition to carry off that day the negotiant outside PTA futures condition head odd, this client passes coronal force finance, entrust a coronal to connect futures to enter gold to do business through the Bank of China.

2018 is the open the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of Chinese option market, it is the historical opportunity that futures industry expands more. According to introducing, the coronal connects futures to value PTA internationalization business very much, form with coronal force finance close together model strategic partner, begin education of investor of the orgnaization outside the condition and conduct propaganda of PTA internationalization business from a variety of forms such as media through forum of internationalization business high end, seminar and company, leave investor of the orgnaization outside entering a country actively. In addition, the coronal connects futures to cooperate Zheng business place actively to complete test of internationalization business series, perfect company relevant system and business flow, cooperate coronal force finance to do good investor to open an account to wait for the job with the service, share base of tamp of PTA internationalization business for investor of the orgnaization outside the condition.

Tang Qijun of vise general manager of Na Hua futures expresses on the news briefing, na Hua futures did many preparation to work to receive PTA futures to bring the negotiant outside entering a country. Two weeks short time, na Hua futures has the client outside 13 conditions to open an account probably, among them 4 are the individual investor outside the condition, 9 are the investor of legal person orgnaization outside the condition, additionally still a client just is finished put on record.

"Chinese since PTA is the biggest manufacturing country, also be country of the biggest spending, the quantity takes PTA exits and entrance than not quite, but depend on sb or sth for existence of entrance of PX of product of its upper reaches is spent be as high as 59% , exit of downstream polyester product is occupied than about 15% , PTA serves as PX, PTA, the indispensable one annulus in PET industry catenary, the market outside the condition is very strong to participating in the demand of PTA futures. " Tang Qijun says.

Tang Qijun expresses, after PTA futures internationalization, will offer for course of study of condition foreign enterprise cover very well period protect value and price tool, the development of stimulative international trade and industrial catenary and stability, improve our country the price consequence in PTA industry catenary. our country particular PTA futures is turned now to the world, be sure to promote PTA futures the price consequence in the whole world, drive Zheng business place to become global polyester kind product price center.

How to promote the appeal of pair of clients outside the condition about firm of futures of our country churchyard, tang Qijun says, open to the outside world to be advanced stage by stage as option market, the client outside more and more conditions can enter churchyard market through orgnaization of the intermediary outside the condition. Futures firm regards intermediary as the orgnaization, want to stress the efficiency that improves a service and quality, want to ensure those who because code, habit differs to be brought to the negotiant outside the condition,decrease is disadvantageous. Futures firm can teach an activity through investor, let the client outside the condition understand churchyard market better, from system of encode, security, trade instruction, superintend wait for a respect, guide the client outside the condition suits and understand churchyard environment.