Chemical products fall back high Do the bulls come to an end

  • Jan, 27th 2019

Closed on the afternoon of 1.22. Most of the chemicals fell back, and asphalt, crude oil, methanol and PTA all fell back, and black fell slightly. A few days ago

the devil returned to the rivers and lakes, how long can this long wave last? The K-line emergency mentioned that the sugar and PTA have reached the target in a short period of time is also beyond the expectations of the young man. Today, K Xiaoxia will continue to track these two varieties, from a technical point of view to analyze where the market will go.

PTA1905 hourly chart:

After two strong rising days, PTA finally fell back yesterday. From a graphical point of view, this wave of PTA's rise broke through the upper pressure of 6300 and closed above it. A graphic bullish trend in terms of graphics. I have mentioned the target of PTA in the text before, but I don't know if the market will rise so quickly. At this stage, the bargain-hunting is undoubted, but the key is to do more positions. The 6300 belt is the back pressure position where the previous pressure is broken. It can be more, but the target position may not be too far away. Maybe there is a small long rebound and then continue down. After doing more, the profit space came out and the appropriate margin reduction protection was put forward.

Operational recommendations: PTA short-term bearish, but after the fall, the 6300 in the key support zone can try to do more, the target is not too far away, and it can be protected if it is profitable.

White sugar 1905 hour chart:

White sugar and PTA trend are slightly similar, but the white sugar callback is deeper than PTA, and it is more vulnerable. White sugar is not currently having a strong upside momentum, and it needs a downward callback to find the strong point below. There will be a decent increase. The current strong point is near the 4895 zone. There will be a wave of upswings in this zone. If there is a stable K-line pattern, we can try to get involved in the bulls. However, this is a wave of contrasting strengths, and the multi-single of the interval game. With the profit space, it is necessary to reduce the position and push the protection. Do not hold it as a trend list.

Operational recommendations: The market is in a bullish direction, waiting for the market to call back to the 4895 zone. If there is a stable K-line pattern, try to do more. There is profit reduction and reduction of protection, and the target is to take a step by step.

Asphalt 1906 hour chart:

In fact, the trend of the varieties analyzed today is somewhat similar, and the asphalt has also fallen back after a surge. At present, the bitumen point is that there is a strong point below, but it is far from the current price. As the asphalt goes down the course, it may experience a lot of upward correction. However, if you finally reach the red frame area drawn in my picture, there may be a large correction. However, you still have to wait for the market to reach the red box. If there is a stable K-line pattern in the red box, you can try to do more. The target position is the same as the previous two varieties, and there is room for profit protection, and does not pursue substantial profits.

Operational recommendations: The market is currently empty, you can try to do more between 2774-2685 in the red box, target and cherish.

In summary, the trends of these three varieties are largely similar. In the near future, the probability of being weak in the past few days is weak, but it is not absolute. If you go down to the position mentioned in my article, these three varieties have the opportunity to do more, but the target position can not see the grievances. When holding the order, you need to be cautious. If you have profit, you should reduce the position and push the protection as well.