Period city buys futures of a new fourth pulp first days aga

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Futures of futures breed pulp hangs out his shingle formally in Shanghai futures exchange trade.

Come from related Shanghai, country inspect of association of papermaking of federation of light industry of ministries and commissions, China, China, card is met systematic unit, on unit of period institute member, bail puts a valve fluctuation of catenary of industry of bank, papermaking swims more than 300 honored guests such as media of orgnaization of enterprise, market, news attended a ceremony.

Appear on the market first days to trade active, tariff shows fetching attention

Regard period city as Xin Ding, pulp futures expression of first days is paid close attention to by the market. Share 6 agreement to hang out one's shingle that day trade, it is SP1906, SP1907, SP1908, SP1909, SP1910 and SP1911 agreement respectively, hang out one's shingle fiducial price is 5980 yuan / ton, the first trades of day go up drop stop board 10% what extent is fiducial price.

After open quotation, the member that shares gather contest value and client are 107 respectively, 590, clinch a deal 1091 hands (unilateral data) , brunt SP1906 clinchs a deal the price is 5828 yuan / ton. Among them, the company that enlists gather contest price to reach first trading has industry of paper of Xiamen nation trade limited company, medium cornerstone is changed limited company, medium grain pray De Feng (Beijing) trade limited company, Zhejiang always brings maple page of capital management limited company and Shandong limited company of international trade development.

Up to afternoon closing quotation, pulp futures assembly hands in a quantity to reach 484254 hands (data all bilateral) , always hold a storehouse to measure 83332 hands, assembly pays the specified amount twenty-nine billion six hundred and nineteen million yuan. Among them, brunt agreement SP1906 is aggregate clinch a deal amount to 471124 hands, hold a storehouse to measure 78270 hands.

Go up now in tariff, price of closing quotation of agreement of SP1906 of pulp futures brunt is 5382 yuan / ton, more fiducial price drops 10% . In the meantime, outside dividing SP1907 contract, odd agreement all fronts drops stop.

The personage inside numerous course of study expresses, pulp head day hangs list price to lie inside reasonable interval, because the market anticipates pessimism is brought about,period price goes low considerably basically is. Hanging list price to set a field, the day shows vise general manager of investment limited company to make treasure tell a reporter, considering pulp futures weaker main area and near future heavy goods slant empty market atmosphere, go up period when the place installs pulp futures to hang list price, what chose price lowest brand from inside brand of 11 attestation complete a business transaction is actual clinch a deal valence, namely the lowest of black needle, cloth needle clinched a deal actually on November 25 valence 6100 yuan / ton, pass reduce 120 yuan / ton means, installed hang list price finally 5980 yuan / ton.

To this, achieve yuan of futures investment to seek advice from a Wang Zena to also express, price of contest of gather of pulp futures open quotation clinchs a deal 5828 yuan / ton, be apart from 5980 yuan / ton hang out one's shingle fiducial price differs not quite. "Although appear on the market first days,the price appears bigger fluctuant range, but normal level should be returned to very quickly in future, proposal investor reason invests. " his say.

Institute of Na Hua futures can change inscription of chief inspector Yuan to express, period price goes low considerably basically is to get merchandise on hand main side effect. Because domestic haven inventory is in perch,be on one hand. Current, the country such as Qingdao harbor, Changshu harbor, Baoding harbor basically drifts needle oar to import haven current inventory achieves 5 years to come new tall, especially Qingdao harbor has inventory to exceed 800 thousand tons, inventory perch makes oar price bear pressure; In the meantime, the demand that downstream paper tastes pulp is exhausted weak, the price that waits for main paper to taste with paper, wrapping paper goes culture low, shipment not beautiful. In addition, show go into operation of level paper mill rate is inferior, the active stop production of partial paper mill goes inventory also causes wood pulp demand low fan.

Additional, yang Xiao of card futures analyst also expresses east, at present present price case pulls pulp period to basically suffer market pessimism to expect an impact greatly. "Because domestic pulp price rose last year taller, bring about abroad pulp to flow into China in great quantities, cause haven inventory is at present remarkable prep above last year the corresponding period. In the meantime, conduct as a result of value of pulp industry chain relatively unobstructed, of price of early days oar rise to did not produce too big impact to the profit of papermaking industry. But, in pressure of current and macroscopical economy bigger case falls, the high profit that the market thinks pulp falls in expensive stock is unreasonable. " he explains.

Zheng Youfei expresses analyst of one heart futures, bleach needle oar to was imported to October in January this year increase compared to the same period 2.23% , the entrance added prep above last year fast. And macroscopical economy not beautiful brings about demand end to be in weak force, paper and chipboard demand glide allow papermaking company must active stop production goes inventory. In the meantime, near future environmental protection is restricted to produce also make partial papermaking enterprise bear pressure, use up to wood pulp adverse. In addition, main area not beautiful also makes stock falls drive shows hard.

Yuan Ming expresses, look for a long time from which, of pulp futures appear on the market the price risk that is helpful for will reducing cable length of whole papermaking industry, offer a risk to be opposite for papermaking enterprise strong tool, help them better avoid market risk, reduce operation cost, enhance the market competition ability of Chinese papermaking industry. In the meantime, of pulp new breed appearing on the market also is systems of pair of breed of commodity option market is perfect, be helpful for promoting option market to serve the level of hypostatic economy.

Pulp futures stabilizes help papermaking industry development continuously

In appear on the market ceremonially, speech of meeting vice-chairman Fang Xinghai shows Chinese card watch, build option market of our country pulp, change to reflecting our country and supply and demand of global pulp market objectively, of protectionism of forest of the country that help strength and environmental protection policy carry out, the international force that strengthens product of paper of our country oar and speech counterpoise, guide papermaking industry to make the same score steady healthy progress to have important sense. In the meantime, pulp futures also was offerred for business of relevant production, consumption, trade set period the tool that keep a cost, the help the enterprise stabilizes production, safeguard accrual, enhance competition ability.

"Pulp futures appears on the market the range that will extend money market and deepness, abound financial product and tool further, the function that promotes center of Shanghai international banking natural resources of finance of configuration whole world and the capacity that society of service country economy expands, strengthen the radiant emitance of center of Shanghai international banking and global force ceaselessly. " Yang Shui of Zheng of director of supervisory management board of Shanghai place banking arrives, this also is energy level of service of Shanghai promotion banking, domain of start shooting finance " Shanghai serves " of the brand strong prop up.

"Of pulp futures go up line, it is major interest undoubtedly to market of Chinese papermaking industry good. " Gu Zhiren of vice-chairman of federation of Chinese light industry expresses. In the meantime, he hopes pulp futures can develop its price adequately to discover a function, establish the pulp value that the market recognizes, promote the speech on the international market right; Offer price risk to manage a tool for the enterprise, abound quote mode, the lock decides price risk; To can last of industry of our country papermaking stability develops, tamp foundation, carry brace up confidence, establish banner.

See pulp futures is rolled out appear on the market smoothly, board of pulp paper product (PPPC) vice-president Timothy Brown expresses, considering the pulp consumption with Chinese huge market, china has the effect that hold the balance on world pulp market. "The pulp futures distance that believes Shanghai futures exchange makes Chinese market even a the price of Asia-Pacific area is fiducial day too won't long. " he says.

Finally, jiang Yan of period institute director acknowledges on express, appear on the market pulp futures is helpful for forming report China, and even the price system of supply demand relations of global pulp market, provide effective risk management tool for hypostatic enterprise, supportive papermaking industry steadily healthy progress. "Period place guards firmly the bottom line that does not produce systematization risk on, aggrandizement a gleam of superintends duty, promotion is in trade, the risk management of the respect such as complete a business transaction, settle accounts, information, technology and market service ability, ensure of pulp futures appear on the market smoothly and dovish move. " his say.