Pressure of supply of small later stage is greater before be

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Vitreous futures is after concussion half moon is superabundant, added a storehouse on November 8 be issued to lower levels, 1901 dishes in drop for a time reach 1273 yuan / ton, touch April low 1269 yuan / ton. Look from commodity curve, back structure lasts, 1-5 price difference already rose to be nodded high to nearly 4 years of the corresponding period, adumbrative market is long-dated to glass condition is more pessimistic.

Of futures price drop again, more results from industry supply end is good without clear advantage since November appear, unlike stop production of sanded in November 2017 river 9 are produced, ecbolic last when gave this round of cycle rise prices, the heating season this year is restricted to no matter be the tradition is restricted to produce area of north of important place China,be produced, bring into the Hua Dong area that is restricted to produce range newly still, all come out without message of vitreous stop production. But the corresponding period produces cold rehabilitate to produce pace to did not stop however, end 11.2 when, the industry is in produce produce can compared to the same period amplitude already expanded to 3211 tons / day, considering the stop production last year, later period this expands according to will continueing, supply pressure will promote significantly.

Demand end is low still however fan, after traditional busy season passes, north already had deep treatment company to shift to an earlier date the circumstance of shutdown, estate complete is added fast low move, make vitreous demand drops compared to the same period bigger, be opposite downstream in former piece purchase all relatively careful, manufacturing company must depreciate for many times to quicken delivery of cargo from storage. Stock of manufacturer of current and main area although relatively before National Day apparent fall after a rise, but close as what extent value differs narrow, after export pressure increases, predicting delivery of cargo from storage also will put delay, especially sanded river area, the profit that lacks supply systole is good, in November rhythm of reserve accumulative total or will accelerate. The abidance of soda ash and natural gas price rises, make manufacturing company cost promotes ceaselessly, accompanying former piece the price drops, glass produces profit to also be compressed considerably. But fall in the circumstance of demand fall after a rise, cost move difficulty is greater, industry profit closes narrow already was inevitable. And regard heavy asset as the industry, in recent years answer because environmental protection increases considerably,produce cost, product line is active stop production desire is not strong, what because this is short,the profit fall after a rise of time or loss cause supply very hard is apparent decrease. Look currently, if estate end does not have new stimulation to appear, at the same time environmental protection is restricted to produce the condition that cannot cause distinct effect to industry whole supply, the duration with vitreous trade contradictory supply and demand concludes still hard, but go actively the library will still last, the price still not after all.