The personage inside course of study: Pulp futures appears o

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Pulp futures will hang out his shingle formally in Shanghai futures exchange on November 27 appear on the market. By on the newest first phase that period place sponsors " itinerate of unit of pulp futures member grooms " held in Qingdao a few days ago, more than 100 futures firm delegates and ginseng of hypostatic industry public figure are met. The personage inside course of study thinks, pulp futures appears on the market, can increase discovery of price of oar bleaching a needle and international bargain capacity, can discover with offerring the price for the industry and cover period the tool that keep a cost, supportive papermaking industry steadily healthy progress.

"Suffer resource scarcity of forest of home of be confined to, entrance of our country pulp is depended on degree taller. 2017 of pulp whole external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent adjacent 20% . Among them wood pulp external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent achieved 67% . And of futures mark blanch needle leaf oar to import depend on sb or sth for existence to spend was close to 100% . " east card is derived taste academy analyst Yang Xiao to express.

Yang Xiao points out, country drifts needle oar to import depend on sb or sth for existence to spend adjacent already even 100% , pulp price power masters basically in upriver abroad supplier hand. And of pulp futures appear on the market will conduce to domestic company contending for pulp price authority.

Wave motion of all through the ages of pulp spot price is bigger. Eminent achieves information to point out, the portion came in September 2016 in October 2017 portion, suffer abroad to break out merchandise on hand of overhaul incident, home to slant to reach dimensions paper mill closely to wait for an element to be affected each other into city filling library, the price rises quickly, among them needle leaf oar goes up panel height is great 54% , broad leaf oar goes up amount to 36% ; Came in November 2017 supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding 2018, demand follow-up is lack of power, oar price is quick fall after a rise.

Yang Xiao expresses, paper tastes an enterprise to be able to use pulp futures, run the price risk of raw material. Through covering period protect a value to lock up calm production cost and profit effectively. And to trafficker, it is OK through covering period the risk that stockpile of the government that keep a cost and avoid pulp price drop. In light of whole, of pulp futures appear on the market great to meaning of domestic papermaking industry!

"Regard channel of merchandise on hand as agency, we can pay close attention to pulp futures closely, in proper when participate in with proper form go in, of course, everything still depends on the expression after this breed appears on the market! " the day shows vise general manager of investment limited company to make treasure say.

Xu Chen is grooming point out on the meeting, futures of period place pulp is opposite on pulp market sense is great, pulp industry entrance is depended on big, the occurrence of pulp futures, it is certain to mean occurrence interconnected system of industrial catenary lieutenant general valence, normative agreement, long-dated trading futures breed, have demonstrative effect to the industry, also offerred a risk to be opposite for the industry at the same time strong tool.

The reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of limited company Qiu represents industry of paper of Qingdao Han Tang, pulp futures is the main index of price of agency judgement pulp, whole industry special expect this breed, existing pattern may be broken, the tradition trades after, close backward participator can be washed out.