Coal steel industry " there is concern in happy event " e

  • Dec, 04th 2018

As the two big industries that undertake side structure sex is reformed the earliest furnishing, coal and steely industry move a condition this year general better. But industry expert also reminds say, there is concern in industry moving happy event at present. Especially steely industry, going producing can be restricted to produce double pressure to fall with environmental protection, crop still is in growth. Accordingly, must build be on guard superfluous lasting effect mechanism.

All computation that announced recently according to association of Chinese iron and steel industry is occupied, economic benefits of steely this year business improves continuously. Enterprise of iron and steel of 1-9 month member achieves sales revenue 3.06 trillion yuan, grow 14.47% compared to the same period; Implementation profit tax three hundred and forty-six billion six hundred and eighty-one million yuan, grow 68.20% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total two hundred and twenty-nine billion nine hundred and sixty-three million yuan, grow 86.01% compared to the same period. In September end, assets of company of member iron and steel is indebted lead 66.11% , drop compared to the same period 3.91 percent.

But statistical data also shows, below the drive of usury embellish, cast iron of before 3 quarters, crude steel and rolled steel crop all have the rise of different level.

Held on November 10 2018 (the 7th) on forum of high end of economy of Chinese steely technology, in steel assist vice-chairman Qu Xiuli expresses, steel price will continue to show small wave motion to go situation, won't go up to drop greatly greatly. The four seasons spends annulus of steely enterprise benefit to drop than meeting, annual maintains growth.

Li Xin of dean of academy of metallurgical industry program is achieved accept on the speak bluntly when card signs up for a reporter to interview, at present the industry turns warm to good, very old rate is the result that supply side reform and raise the quota of environmental protection processing bring. The industry needs to cherish the gain that reform brings, want to prevent to enlarge dimensions blindly. If be caused because of be not rational dilate again,produce can superfluous, be afraid the opportunity that has new be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation very hard. He appeals each respect wants to have sober judgement to the market, should continue lever, build to be on guard produce can superfluous lasting effect mechanism, protect supply side to reform brought gain.

Compare steely industry, coal industry near future more hasten reason. Already entered the peak period that use coal at present, according to experience of in former years, coal price also will be entered rise period, but market of coal of power of near future country is firm in hasten is weak, northward haven 5500 kilocalorie mainstream trades the price is maintained in 645-650 yuan / ton. Downstream and coastal on the high side of inventory of 6 big power plants, put coal to be able to use day of number to be as high as 32.32 days.

Feng Yu of vice-president of association of Chinese coal transportation and sale is on 2018 China coal and congress of industry of coal chemical industry express, the power plant becomes this year more wisdom, from busy season when begin filling stock, this is to support one of main factors that at present coal price can maintain stable. In inventory already special below high case, the possibility that next coal price rises considerably is not large.

Look into city of next year coal, feng Yu thinks international trade situation is right the energy market such as upriver coal will form apparent hitting to press. As advanced produce can release, coal supply will increase further. Nevertheless, the tenacity of domestic macroscopical economy has to coal demand bigger prop up, it is good that infrastructure builds raise the quota to make profit to coal market. In light of whole, coal demand was added 2019 fast relatively put delay somewhat 2018.