Methanol: With great mind of Shi Weijian bull when homing?

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Methanol -- the star breed of Zheng business place, because its trade extreme of active, prices and love by negotiant. Like that, see a top from October 15 3525 later, drop all the way, a few without till,rebound the lowest yesterday 2360, accumulative total drops 1165 a little bit, drop 33% , occasion Weiwei is grand.

32 trade day, did not rebound prettily once among, nominal gains profit rich and generous. Look from the chair, the sea is connected with Hua Tai it is this prices is the biggest gain profit square, smooth old chair should be disastrous on bull.

On November 21, 22 days, 23 days, methanol 01 agreement dish in huge amount changes a hand. A lot of people think this nominal prices ends originally, but 23 days of evening (Zhou Wu) beautiful crude oil dish in drop greatly even more is nodded 8 times, again emotionally gave nominal drain the chance. On November 26 (Zhou Yi) Zheng Chun 01 agreement are pressed to be in by nominal again drop stop board on devastate, miserable intense of prices it may be said, thinking of Yuan Chaozheng's ordinary person.

Attentive negotiant can discover, receiving "

Crossed star " later, methanol had received the first red K line, is this the star of the hope? And listen collection advocate does fine fine line come?

If you pay close attention to methanol for a long time, you may discover, 2016 on November 28, methanol prices is started, from 2510 go up to 3128, went up many a little bit 600.

On November 28, 2017, methanol from 2884 go up to 3268, went up nearly 400 a little bit, used 6 to trade only day.

Be coincidence inevitable still? Attentive person can discover, because domestic winter natural gas is nervous,the immediate cause that twice actually prices starts is, the country protects what offer and cause to enraging head methanol stop production. Now year, the country undertook laying in adjusting to natural gas ahead of schedule likewise, although alleviated on certain level,the natural gas supply and demand this year contradicts, but just also alleviate just. Attentive person returns meeting discovery, on November 23, xi'an uses gas to make sure the dweller gives birth to vivid heating, had stopped the air feed of all to whole town taxi burning gas, home is new situation of insecurity of round of natural gas has been formed, gas head methanol also has begun again large area stop production.

The person that pays close attention to methanol industry current situation can discover, early days is in perch for a long time as a result of methanol price, downstream olefin enterprise in succession stop production. And current methanol price, had made enterprise of this a few stop production progressively resume production.

Option market, although red fight at close quarters resembles extremely battlefield, but futures serves after all at merchandise on hand, supply and demand is weather channel --

Upper reaches is restricted, downstream demand is in again growth.

Since option market, the gain that cannot leave much air surely weichis. The attentive member that trade can discover, be faced with likewise trade a month, 2016 on November 28, methanol of 1701 maintaining a warehouse is 305 thousand hand, 2017 on November 28, methanol of 1801 maintaining a warehouse is 559 thousand hand, now the day was 2018 on November 28, methanol 1901 hold a storehouse at present to end closing quotation is 931 thousand hand midday.

It is ancient bronze mirror with copper, can clothes and hat; With factitious ancient bronze mirror, can bright gain and loss; With Shi Weijian, can know to promote for. Before the industrial current situation of supply and demand, before time node of the history, considerably drop just is a likelihood rise considerably vacated a space, and what is the so large amount that maintain a warehouse to awaiting? ? ?

Remarks: Methanol haven inventory is current many tons 70, eliminate convention is laid in, current supply of goods also is controlled 250 thousand tons only, cannot like methanol 01 agreement move effectively storehouse?

Additional: When methanol bull prices was started in December 2016, beautiful crude oil is near 52 dollars, when methanol bull prices was started in December 2017, beautiful crude oil is near 57 dollars, at present the price of crude oil is in 52 dollars. OPEC conference holds near at hand, this the theme of the conference still is how to reach agreement of reduction of output. Crude has fallen to current 52 dollars from top 76.9 dollars (the day before yesterday lowest 50.1 dollars) , crude oil continues to drop considerably possibility is very little, contrary, spread out possibly to rebound considerably at any time prices.

Prices always emerges in despair, always also end in insanity, the history always repeats ceaselessly.

(the panoramic graph since methanol appears on the market)