Crude oil fund meets with 25 days " cutting sb in two at th

  • Dec, 04th 2018

International oil price " died " , value of fund of domestic crude oil also appears to drop greatly.

Once was exploded to fry, after the crude oil fund of tall excessive price encountered price of near future crude to adjust, 25 short trade day of slump in price is adjacent 50% .

Last night, international oil price steeps fall 7% , achieve died 2015 dish since the biggest drop that day, achieve a history to go up at the same time the longest drop repeatedly -- 12 drop repeatedly. Since the perch at the beginning of October, extent of the defeat below futures of American crude oil already exceeded 27% .

International oil price is record-breaking 12 drop repeatedly

Open quotation of agreement of brunt of futures of domestic crude oil drops stop

Last night, international oil price lasts refresh history is the longest drop repeatedly record, in pairs of beautiful oil, cloth oil is entered technical Xiong Fu.

Up to closing quotation, the Comex pledged in the Germany city of complete a business transaction in December crude oil (WTI) futures price closes drop 7.1% , sign up for 55.69 dollars / bucket. Rise from October 29 successive already 12 trade day drops, this is this commodity what what achieve since 1986 is the longest drop repeatedly record.

January the North sea of complete a business transaction Bulunte closing quotation of crude oil criterion drops 6.1% , sign up for 65.84 dollars / bucket, achieve since this year March region of the new low hand-in-hand urban district that join bear, crude oil futures answers Bulunte already completely also spat inside year before this all going up.

And on October 3, futures of WTI crude oil is highest rise to 76.9 dollars, for the top level that comes nearly 4 years. Up to newest closing quotation, futures of WTI crude oil already dropped from the high point before a many month 27.68% .

Suffer wave motion of international oil price to affect, domestic period city now after open quotation, open quotation of agreement of brunt of crude oil futures drops stop, drop 5% , outside follow of the previous night dish oil price drops situation; Fuel drops nearly 5% , bitumen drops exceed 4% , PTA drops exceed 2% , zheng Chun, iron ore drops exceed 1% .

Oil price steeps fall rear

Have Telangpu everywhere

Crude oil is in this year before October go situation, be obvious to all, go up situation be proud person.

At the beginning of October since, because the market is right,American punish Iran will cause the concern that occurrence crude oil of global part area is in short supply, international oil price rebounds to the since top level end 2014. However, governmental hope sand can stabilize Telangpu especially crude oil is supplied, rise in order to prevent oil price considerably.

This month the punish of become effective was not like the Yan Ke that the market anticipates, the government allowed Telangpu 8 countries and area are in future continues to import partial Iran oil inside 180 days, this alleviated what the market supplies shortage to crude oil is anxious. The United States is right nowadays after be born of punish of Iranian crude oil, the not certain factor that global crude oil supplies decreases, be issued to lower levels of aggravate oil price.

In fact, also American president Telangpureqiexi looks at oil price drops, he also hopes to be in punish Iran and oil price are certain in have fall between acquire a balance.

In the past a few months, apply frequently in the United States pressure below, OPEC and Russia transformed associated reduction of output is politic, the crude oil that keeps to make up for punish Iran supplies crop of breach increase production. Sand spy day all crop approachs historical record highest, russia crop involves the highest standard since raising age of the Russia after coming, touch for a time 11.5 million pails / day, compare on average day all increased 450 thousand pails May.

Not only such, the crop of American shale oil also is in climb continuously litre.

Last week 3, data of EIA of office of American energy information shows, became on November 2, inventory of American crude oil and stock of library glad area all rise the 7th week continuously, benzine inventory also increases accidentally, crude oil yields to achieve the history again new tall, crude output achieves 11.6 million record-breaking pails last week / day.

These brought international oil price issue defeat considerably.

Last week, in the talk that Telangpu just ends in American metaphase election, telangpulie gave 3 international work that should begin to do instantly, among them one is oil price.

Telangpu expresses on the press conference after the White House holds metaphase election, myself does not push price of tall world oil carefully. Give petrolic of Iran of entrance of a few countries exempt, because do not think,push oil price every pails of 150 dollars. Do not like OPEC " forestall " .

Morrow, american WTI crude falls formally into Xiong Fu. Alleged Xiong Fu, drop bit higher from the near future namely 20% above.

Beautiful east time last week 5 afternoon 2: 29, as the Bulunte with international crude fiducial price price of crude oil futures drops 39 cent, sign up for 70.26 dollars / bucket, relatively apogee of its near future drops about 19% . Zhou Wu dish in Bulunte crude oil futures drops for a time to 69.13 dollars / bucket, for the lowermost value since 7 months.

This Zhou Yi, telangpu criticizes petrolic of Saudi Arabia reduction of output to plan. He is pushing go up especially express: "Hope Saudi Arabia and Oupeike won't cut oil output. The basis supplies a case, oil price should want low much! Oil price should want low much!!

After Telangpu makes known his position, oil price changeover dish litre of situation first, turn and drop, beautiful oil drops 2.2% , drop split every pails of 60 dollars.

Fund of 3 crude oil all steeps fall, highest and adjacent 50%

In fact, oil price big defeat, partial crude oil kind QDII also is weighed defeat, plus ever was exploded to fry at the beginning of October, the price after restoring reason falls originally oil price wants big.

This year 11 afterwards, crude oil fund appears those who break away from net value is successive soare, for example fine fact crude oil is in on September 28, on October 8, 9 days part to go up greatly continuously with 10 days 9.22% , 9.58% , 9.62% with 9.97% , 4 short trade day soared from 1.529 yuan 2.207 yuan.

The value of fine fact crude oil breaks away from net value expression already badly at that time, highest unit net value also is not worth 1.5 yuan, after tall excessive price is led, attract the capital that cover interest to swarm into, fine fact crude oil appeared subsequently a few drop stop, plus price of near future crude drop greatly continuously, fine fact crude oil lowest clinchs a deal now morning valence has 1.158 yuan only, compare the maximum price October 10, steeped fall adjacent 50% .

In fact, oil price goes continuously drop, partial crude oil kind QDII also is weighed defeat. Nearly one many month comes, additionally two dog the fund of crude oil relatively the high point before this all has dropped exceed 35% , among them a fund drops in 42% the left and right sides.