3 pails of oily much act store up grain hibernate natural ga

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Be fully loaded with 130 liquefied natural gases (LNG) container of coal tub type (box of canister of the following abbreviation) " happy from " date, from north of sailing of harbor of riverside of sea southern Asia, in experienced riverside of sea southern Asia - Shandong dragon mouth (uninstall 65 box) - after 8 days of of city of Liaoning bright and beautiful maritime haul, 12 days arrive at terminus smoothly, and at 13 days 11: 20 finish uninstall outfit car, direct carry is gone to user. This is indicating our country first time is large-scale through traffic of much style of LNG canister box is pilot the job is successful, get through " south gas north carries " maritime passageway, for today northward natural gas protects wintry Mingchun for was being offerred strong prop up.

This is " 3 pails of oil " much act stores up grain an epitome of hibernate, preliminary beforehand natural gas increases estimate this year for about two into. On November 13, the reporter understands from Chinese sea oil, its today wintry Ming Chun plans air feed 24.6 billion, grow 20% compared to the same period. Among them, the plan is northwardly 7 provinces city supplies natural gas 6.1 billion, increase compared to the same period 63.5% . Chinese petrifaction plans today wintry Ming Chun supplies natural gas 18.17 billion, grow 17.7% compared to the same period, plan Xiang Jingjin among them 7 provinces city supplies the north such as periphery of look forward to and Campagna of Fen short for Weihe River to grow 29.1% compared to the same period. Chinese oil also will be added considerably for, put forward " protect the people's livelihood to enrage one party many, protect a contract to enrage one party to be short of " target.

It is reported, the propulsion that plans as national blue sky and northward winter cleanness warm oneself of policy carry out, growth of consumption of apparent of our country natural gas is rapid, before 2018 3 quarters compared to the same period amplitude is in 16.7% the left and right sides.

Add in crop of domestic natural gas fast add under demand fast, below the situation with tight hasten of conduit gas natural resources, relative to agile entrance LNG becomes natural gas winter to keep one of main force that lay. Entrance LNG achieved 38 million tons 2017, hopeful broke through 50 million tons 2018, grow more than 30% compared to the same period.

As home the 2nd big natural gas supplies enterprise and importer of the biggest LNG, chinese sea oil is fulfilled ahead of schedule all over the world protect the LNG resource that needs for place, already prepared come from the much ground such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Nigeria, Russia to enrage a source, reduce upriver air feed not to wait for a risk firmly surely.

Chinese petrifaction grows the foundation that purchases about in LNG, increase merchandise on hand to purchase strength. The entrance LNG resource of scheduling fulfils heating season entirely reach the designated position, each LNG receives a station to arrange full load to move, among them this year in December, next year 3 received a station to receive discharge window to had been discharged in January full.