Pulp futures aids force home company to contend for price au

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Although China is big country of the production of paper products and consumption, but home market is adjacent already to bleaching needle oar to import depend on sb or sth for existence to spend 100% , pulp price power masters basically in upriver abroad supplier hand. Nevertheless, the pulp futures that is about to appear on the market will conduce to domestic company contending for pulp price authority.

Pulp is with the plant fiber is raw material, carry the fiber shape material that a variety of treatment get after the method. The different pulp breed that presses production raw material can differentiate to be mixed for wood pulp, blame wood pulp waste paper oar. Among them wood pulp is multi-purpose use paper at producing culture, waste paper oar is multi-purpose pack at production with paper. Nevertheless, downstream paper products is producing ground of the meeting in the process to need whole a variety of oars jumbly use.

Treatment craft can divide wood pulp basis to be mixed for chemical oar, mechanical pulp again turn machine starch, chemical oar is among them best, market uses quality wide wood pulp variety, blanch oar, blame to blanch oar and ecru oar to all belong to chemical oar category. At present the production on international and breed of trading mainstream wood pulp are blanch wood pulp of sulfate needle leaf (also be called cork oar, abbreviation " oar bleaching a needle " ) and blanch sulfate hardwood pulp (also be called hardwood oar, abbreviation " oar bleaching broadness " ) , both basically is used at advanced presswork paper of paper, duplicating paper, hectograph, wrappage paper, book writes what the paper such as paper and paper bag paper tastes to make. Blanch the content that wood pulp of sulfate needle leaf is pulp futures mark among them.

Natural resources of forest of be enslaved to be enslaved to is limited, our country pulp is produced can grow do not follow to go up the dilate of demand, whole external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent taller. Cent oar is planted in light of, because our country lacks the tree that suits to produce needle leaf starch, accordingly, oar of domestic needle leaf produces can serious inadequacy, basically give priority to with broad leaf oar, this brings about wood pulp external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent taller. 2017 wood pulp external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent amount to 67% . And of futures mark blanch entrance of needle leaf oar to depend on spending is adjacent more 100% . Besides, entrance of waste paper oar is depended on degree taller also, amounted to 2017 33% . Because our country waste paper reclaims,this basically is the system is still diseased, with Euramerican wait for developed country photograph to have difference than returning. Wood pulp of and rather than, because manufacturing process pollution is opposite heavier, in recent years output already fell stage by stage.

Because produce the tree of needle leaf oar to plant,basically grow in the frigid zone area of tall latitude, and the tree of foliaceous oar plants manufacturing broadness to basically grow in the intertropical area with ample sunshine. Accordingly, oar of global needle leaf produces can main concentration to be in North America and boreal Europe, and broad leaf oar produces can main concentration to be in Brazil and southeast Asia. This also brings about the needle leaf oar that our country imports to be given priority to with the United States, Chile, Finland and Canada. And oar of entrance broad leaf is given priority to with Brazil, Indonesia, Uruguay and Chile.

In addition, downstream paper products applies pulp very extensive, involve the square respect area that economy lives almost. Accordingly, from the point of long cycle, pulp consumption is added fast add fast trend to agree basically with GDP.