Avoid strong industry heat expects danger demand glycol futu

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On December 2, sponsor by Dalian Commodity Exchange 2018 the 14th China (Shenzhen) activity of special performance of Commodity Exchange of Dalian of international futures mass rally " glycol futures specification is met " hold in Shenzhen. The glycol futures contract that relevant controller introduced big business place to was about to appear on the market on December 10 designs point and state of affairs of development of current spot market. Come from the orgnaization such as firm of company of glycol industry chain, futures, investment firm to make an appointment with 160 people to attend this meeting.

Agreement regulation accords with industrial demand

Big business place Zhu Ligong of vise general manager expresses in the speech, appear on the market to push glycol futures, in recent years enterprise of big business place and guild, bibcock maintained communicate and communicate goodly. Height of enterprise of guild, bibcock pays close attention to option market, precious opinion and proposal were offerred in futures contract and relevant and regular delibrate and argumentation, contract of stimulative glycol futures and relevant and regular ceaseless maturity, perfect. In the market each support energetically below, place of big this year business drove glycol futures smoothly to appear on the market, early days already began vocational training for many times, facilitate vast enterprise and investor participate in futures to trade. After glycol futures appears on the market, big business place will be in safeguard while the market moves smoothly, perfect agreement and relevant regulation continuously, drive the market to breed popularize with business, stimulative market just understands each and participate in futures to trade, develop futures function further, serve an industry to avoid better danger demand.

Futures daily reporter understands, since reaching relevant regulation to ask for market sentiment publicly with respect to glycol futures contract from place of big on November 9 business, regular content becomes each to just pay close attention to a focus related. On the meeting, relevant expert introduced ministry of career of industrial product of big business place the agreement regulation such as means of standard of quality of complete a business transaction, complete a business transaction wants a place.

It is reported, differ according to producer goods, glycol can be divided make glycol for ethylene law and coal. From produce can the structure looks, domestic coal makes glycol produce can occupy come than promoting from the 19% year after year 2013 33% 2017, outside providing glycol unit downstream except traditional ethylene, coal made the ability of glycol get remarkable promotion. But from consumption the structure looks, the glycol consumption of ethylene law was occupied 2017 than exceeding 90% , the glycol that coal makes is occupied than inadequacy 10% . "Through many second development we understand survey, to polyester fiber enterprise, the character that coal makes glycol, supply stability to still cannot satisfy a requirement completely, especially polyester industry whole accepts degree to still remain to rise to what coal makes glycol. Accordingly we choose the glycol of ethylene law to regard futures quality as mark. Future, accept what make the growth of nearly one pace of glycol crop and polyester industry make glycol to coal as coal stage by stage, we also can consider to optimize glycol futures contract to design further. " this expert expresses.

On specific target design, make glycol place contain foreign matter and ethylene law product to differ considering coal, big business place is added in standard of quality of complete a business transaction 1, 2, two coal make Ding Erchun and ester of carbonic acid ethylene the foreign matter index with peculiar glycol, use at divisional coal to make glycol, raise futures price to be produced to market main trend those who taste is representative. Big business place still will adopt regulation of complete a business transaction double guard a pass character of complete a business transaction and goods origin, storehouse must report to proof of the manufacturer of commodity of put in storage, country of origin, routine inspection test wait for a receipt to undertake probation, the ability after proving eligibility registers a storehouse odd.

Outside eliminating level of quality of complete a business transaction, what the area of futures complete a business transaction that chooses flow direction of commerce of merchandise on hand of press close to affects futures price directly likewise is representative. To flow direction of commerce of merchandise on hand, eminent achieves Liu Shenghua of inspector general of department of information polymer career to introduce, hua Dong area is our country glycol produces a division basically, produced 2018 can achieve 4.01 million tons, occupy the whole nation to produce about can 38% , it is Hua Beihe next China in area. In consumption area distributings on, the polyester of 90% is produced can be in Hua Dong area centrally, especially Zhejiang regards the concentration with Chinese the biggest textile as the ground, collected many polyester to produce a business. Polyester of Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province was produced 2018 can be 23.36 million tons respectively, 19.1 million tons, it is Hua Na area next. In the entrance area distributings on, the import trade of glycol is in Hua Dong area centrally highly likewise, it is Hua Na area next.

Afore-mentioned condition decided glycol commerce is flowed to, basically be the Hua Dong area that flows to consumptive concentration from the area of domestic overproduction, hua Dongcang store condition and equipment also are best. From the point of price impact, change of price of glycol of Hua Dong area often precedes Yu Huana area, led price of commerce of merchandise on hand. Because this is big,business place regards the ground of fiducial complete a business transaction of glycol futures as Hua Dong area.

Roll out enlarge of a variety of means of complete a business transaction to be able to be measured for complete a business transaction

Gao Fuxing of general manager of Wu of harbor of international of the Yangtse River of free tax zone of Home Zhang harbor introduces, storage of domestic glycol inventory stands by polyester industry to center an area more, it is a delegate with area of and other places of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian. Because the content of afore-mentioned areas flows easy be affected by a variety of elements such as soup, may appear the circumstance such as harbor of storage capacity insecurity, ship pressing, influence kinds or types of goods enters coal tub, go against stable complete a business transaction to taste supply. For this, big business place took step of a variety of complete a business transaction, in order to increase glycol futures can measure for complete a business transaction.

Specific in light of, glycol futures will implement factory warehouse system. Credit storehouse sheet need not shift to an earlier date stock up and avoid check to register, increased bargainor stock up period, increased to be able to offer amount of complete a business transaction then. In the meantime, glycol futures is the industrial breed that big business place executes scroll complete a business transaction first times. Trade finally the reciprocal that month of complete a business transaction reachs after day is delayed trades the 4th times day, the client can carry out scroll complete a business transaction in month of whole complete a business transaction, the stock up that added a seller then period, rise can measure for complete a business transaction. Big business place still offerred the way of the complete a business transaction that keep tax, saved to have the client of demand of the complete a business transaction that keep tax already declare at customs time, also increased to be able to offer amount of complete a business transaction. In addition, besides the library of complete a business transaction in along the line of the Yangtse River, big business place still added Shanghai foreign hill harbor, peaceful wave harbor, China the library of complete a business transaction that Nanhai harbor library regards harbour as, regard edge river as the complement of the library, in order to raise appearance of canister of complete a business transaction,

Glycol futures appears on the market conduce to wave motion of business management price

Futures daily reporter understands, in recent years glycol crop and consumption maintain rapid growth, coal makes glycol item arisen, market supply and demand develops apparent change, drive market price case to fluctuate often. Relevant honored guest expresses, roll out glycol futures to appear on the market to have important sense to serving risk of wave motion of price of avoid of relevant industry catenary.

Chinese oil and chemical federation information and market department head wish expresses, glycol upper reaches is primary raw material is crude oil, basically use at producing polyester. 2017, global glycol crop 26.82 million tons, global consumption 27.03 million tons, among them 87% use at producing polyester, crop and demand are balanced relatively. Look from home market, 2017, domestic glycol crop is 6.15 million tons, import volume is 8.75 million tons, apparent consumption is 14.88 million tons. In recent years, our country glycol is produced can get frequent promotion, entrance depend on sb or sth for existence spends year after year to drop.

"Glycol industry has the following characteristic, it is diversification of trade main body, trade pattern is agile and changeful. 2 it is industry client trades frequent, trade with long-term contract give priority to. 3 it is financial attribute strong, the linkage sex with price of exchange rate, commodity is big. 4 it is diversification of origin of glycol raw material, dimension of analyse of travel mutual affection is spent changeful. In addition, glycol trade pattern is mixedder also. Skill trafficker is purchased to foreign factory directly, enter home to undertake dividing selling, among them one part is direct factory of butt joint terminal, one part enters the market current. Trade pattern includes freight to trade again, the goods that keep tax trades and RMB goods trades etc. " Gao Fuxing says.

From the price wave motion looks, according to Introduction Liu Shenghua, 2018 glycol the maximum price inside year 8650 yuan / ton, but drop continuously in price of near future glycol, drop to by November 5750 yuan / ton the minimum price of the left and right sides inside year, difference of price of on any account exceeds 2750 yuan / ton, differ 1710 yuan than tall 2017 low / ton, price wave motion is more acuteness.

"The factor that affects glycol price has a lot of, raw material of price of crude of heavy goods cycle, international, glycol is supplied and inventory of downstream demand change, merchandise on hand have very big effect to the price. " Liu Shenghua thinks, glycol price wave motion got 2018 the effect of heavy goods is apparent, the unilateral prices that appears this year especially, with heavy goods go situation have consistency. In addition, international trade attrition brings about heavy goods avoid danger mood promotes, more powerful resonance effect appeared on the dot when the part.

Below the setting that fluctuates often in market price case, glycol futures appears on the market it may be said just meets meantime. "Overall will tell, the industrial chain that glycol involves is very long, wait to concern couplet with crude oil, coal, downstream product is rich, industrial chain company is numerous. After prospective glycol futures appears on the market, the price with can be offerred better to the market, avoid danger mechanism, help enterprise does good market to grind to sentence and be analysed. " wish says.