The god is anxious steep fall! Does black tie fall last posi

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Black fastens those who be faced with insanity to be bungled dish, from become a useful person demand glides to begin to depreciate to coke, whole black board piece be procrastinated to break down in an another benefit sky.

Begin to become a useful person to begin from November with raw material go power is continuous differentiation, dish the situation that steelworks profit systole presents on the face, basically be based on on merchandise on hand two end to lose by force differ, nearly two months come to whorl merchandise on hand basic it is to drop to go up more little, although say actual variable is not big, but the market loves to take limit variable to say a thing all the time, see annulus of library of rolled steel company is compared so fall receive narrow, environmental protection to be restricted to produce a likelihood to anticipate not as good as begin to change nominal to a side, especially the market before this is certain the winter of trafficker store cost won't prep above 4000, merchandise on hand also was cried to come down eventually now, can see originally tall base the means of poor astringent is merchandise on hand drops quickly.

The god that is thought to drop impossibly by the market for a time in raw material is anxious, be in today option market also Sha feather and return, streak still is carrying the coke that go up ceaselessly before, contract as steelworks profit, coke market also pulled open depreciating heavy curtain the first round, and fill as a result of coke of near future of steel look forward to library case is better, purchase valence to put forward to coke first-run reduce 100 yuan / ton, partial cooking enterprise has been accepted, be being fulfilled in the round also is time problem only.

Steelworks purchases apiration to drop, speculation demand is abate bring about at present haven stock falls, inventory of anxious look forward to increases, environmental protection is restricted to produce limit influence to still wait for observation, coke merchandise on hand has entered price inflection point.

And cooking coal is received as a result of supply restrain, shanxi Cha Chao produces overlay to import coal to tighten up, the potential effect of problem of safety of colliery of the end of the year and winter freight, bring about cooking coal to be propped up than coke price stronger, big probability can continue to see the systole of cooking profit, also enter systole of profit of chain of whole black industry to return to normal cycle at present.