Due to the strong typhoon in southern Thailand, the threat of rubber tapping has increased the tight supply expectations of the rubber market. At the same time, the recently release

Affected by trade friction and crude oil prices, the main contract for methanol since October 2018 dropped from a minimum of 3,525 yuan / ton to 2,300 yuan / ton, a drop of 29%, the

On December 10, 2018, ethylene glycol futures were listed on the big business, and the price fell sharply on the first day, and the market was active. However, in the following trad

The price of methanol futures fell from around 3,200 yuan / ton, and is currently close to 2,500 yuan / ton. In the process of decline, it has not experienced a deceleration, and th

This week, the crude oil market fell nearly 10% again, WTI went straight to 45 dollars, and the investors who rebounded were not at all. Looking back at the oil price correction in

On December 19th, Dalian Commodity Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “Da Shang Institute”) held the “Review of the 2018 Benchmark Trade Pilot Project” in Dalian, and all