In November last year, in the context of weakening margins of environmental protection and limited production and pessimistic expectations, steel prices fell in a cliff-like manner.

In 2019, the marginal variation of iron ore supply and demand has limited impact, and the cost supports the price operation. The cost support of iron ore of $58/dmt is expected to r

In the year of 2018, base metal prices were weak, with multiple varieties showing the largest annual decline since 2015. In the global market turmoil in 2018, emerging markets first

Recently, the Shanghai nickel futures price rebounded significantly. The main 1905 contract rose nearly 6% and returned to above 90,000 yuan/ton. Market participants pointed out tha

Although the outdoor temperature is close to zero, in the wide and thick plate production workshop of Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nangang"), the re

After the New Year's Day, the demand weakened, the price support was obviously insufficient, and the steel price fell. As the steel mill's winter storage policy information spread g