(1) Last month's market review December ferrosilicon spot futures fell, falling from the profitability all the way down the cost line. After following the black plate twice, the del

The weak copper price in 2019 is the main tone. The risk factors are relatively concentrated in the first half of the year, and the copper price may continue to be weak. The release

In 2018, the overall price of copper fell by 17.42%, which was completely different from the market expectation. The reason for the decline in copper prices is mainly from the macro

Today (January 3), the domestic black department changed its yesterday's haze posture, and went out of a wave of rapid rebound. The spot market sentiment improved, but the overall i

Affected by the new round of cold wave, construction sites were suspended, steel market demand continued to weaken, and transactions continued to be low. As the Spring Festival appr

When the Spring Festival enters the countdown state, the number of orders that downstream processing enterprises can receive is becoming less and less. In the past two weeks, downst