1. Year-old flowers are similar, and the age is different. 2, the dynamic cost of electrolytic aluminum (relative rigidity of electricity cost, dynamic cost of alumina) determines t

Abstract The price difference between rebar and scrap from 2,000 yuan/ton to 1200-1500 yuan/ton is reasonable, indicating that the supply and demand relationship in the rebar market

"In 2019, the fluctuations in the rebar market price will be reduced, showing a W-shaped trend, with the lows in March-April and August-September." This is accepted by Liang Taigeng

I. Review of the market in 2018 In terms of the market, the impact of the market from January to March is the story of the increase in the capacity of new energy vehicles to drive n

Core Views . Looking forward to 2019, the Chinese economy faces enormous challenges at the macro level. The Sino-US trade war has been long and arduous, domestic economic growth has

Monday Lun aluminum opened at 1849 US dollars / ton, after the opening, the shock hit a low level once hit $ 1,830 / ton, refreshing the new low since February 2017, Lun aluminum lo