There were ups and downs in the transaction, and the market started and fell. The domestic spot steel prices generally rose slightly. The iron ore market has risen steadily, but the

[Industry News] The output of the Minnesota Pellet Mine in the United States increased by 800,000 tons in 2018. In 2018, the output of the Minnesota Tieyanyan Iron Ore Plant achieve

Sino-US trade war is now easing signal, environmental protection and limited production news again hit, central bank targeted interest rate increase, coupled with low inventory, las

Stimulated by the Sino-US trade friction suspension, environmental protection and production restrictions, and policy expectations, the rebar trend in December reversed, showing a s

The core driver of zinc mine supply change The core factors affecting zinc mine supply are: mine profit = income - cost. The factors affecting mine income mainly include changes in

On December 25, due to the sharp decline in the external financial market, black futures all the way down, crude oil futures once fell, and market sentiment increased. The spot mark