The price of Lun aluminum has stabilized, and domestic aluminum prices have been thrown away, and the overall atmosphere is stable and weak. Last week, the London Metal Exchange's M

1 Firmly look at the trend of rising steel prices Multi-dimensional interpretation of the winter storage pattern: The first dimension is the winter storage inventory, the current in

Recently, China-Europe economic data is weak, the market is worried about copper demand prospects, and copper prices have fallen to a three-month low. Fluctuations in the price of c

This year's zinc price operation showed a step-down decline. The phased rebound in the downtrend channel was mainly due to the reduction of zinc ingot production and low inventory s

Since the beginning of this year, the tin resources in Myanmar have been exhausted, production has been decreasing, and shipments have gradually declined. Looking forward to next ye

Recently, the supply continued to shrink and sudden production limits and other events to repair market sentiment, rebar and hot rolled low rebound continued. On the supply side, th