[data of agricultural period city] up to on November 23, bra

  • Dec, 04th 2018

Up to on November 23, brazilian soja accumulative total exported a quantity to amount to 78.5 million tons 2018, relatively the corresponding period added more than tons 1000 last year. Chinese demand makes the market anticipate Brazilian soja annual exports a quantity to amount to 80 million tons of above this year strong, agroconsult of 4 advisory companies will be exported last week beforehand appraise is put in 82.1 million tons. Brazilian corn exit appears fatigued and weak this year, reduction of output of be enslaved to be enslaved to reachs the freight inside high specified number. Up to on November 23, brazilian corn spoke a volume 2018 only 18.7 million tons, not as good as last year 21.7 million tons of the corresponding period, advisory company Agroconsult beforehand volume of export of annual of appraise Brazil corn is in 22 million tons (last year 31 million tons) .

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