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  • Jan, 26th 2019

Today's market can be described in three words as static... quiet... quiet... But in the absence of volatility, especially during the period before the holiday, will the market continue to be dead, and the volatility will reduce the festival and then go out of the big market? From the technical point of view, K Xiaoxia will analyze the varieties that Xiaoxia believes may have large fluctuations before the festival. (Follow the public number "Data Sharp Eye", do not miss every K line emergency)

Rebar 1905 daily line chart:

Rebar is a recent trend comparison Steady varieties, the daily line hit a low of 3179 and rose steadily, one step at a time, the bullish trend is obvious. At present, the bullish momentum is still good, and the bulls have no intention of stopping. Today, it is a strong positive line. The most recent pressure on the top is in the 3850 area. Although it is stress. However, this pressure level has a small suppression effect. After the market reaches this position, it will not turn around. After a high probability, it will fall back and then continue to rise. Overall, the current trend of rebar in this step is very solid. It may continue to rise before the festival, and the purple pressure above the most terrible is not strong, which belongs to the small inflection point pressure inside the pattern. If it rises, the bullish potential energy may be extremely strong, and the pursuit of a wave of direct flow to the 3850 area.