[data of agricultural period city] CBOT cereal period price

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On November 27 contract of futures of CBOT3 month corn (ZCH9) rise 0.2 cent, sign up for 368.2 cent / bushel. Contract of wheaten in March futures (ZWH9) drop 7.1 cent, sign up for 506.4 cent / bushel. International is derived taste wisdom library analyst to think, message face shorts, corn period price is small go up adjust, overall maintain slant weak concussion, in awaiting the G20 summit that this week holds a bit late to meet, Sino-US head talks, politic respect empty sheet is decreased appropriately hold, the rest holds a storehouse to stop caustic is referenced 375 cent / bushel; Dollar index goes strong, demand of export of the city after bringing about the market to be opposite is hopeful the mood drops in temperature somewhat, wheat period price drops, appear low an interval prices, politic respect is in 500-525 cent / trade inside bushel interval.

Orgnaization origin: International is derived taste wisdom library