Price of analytic and current corn appears " hang " pheno

  • Dec, 04th 2018

This year since November, value of domestic corn market " fervent " rose to bring the warm idea like spring to the people of Chu Dong season, although corn turns over season to rise to make a person accident indeed, but also be in however expected, it is the backside that ceaseless refresh selects grain price high only, price of the grain between the extent that we also discover in former years is rare " hang " the phenomenon is highlighted, especially northeast produces area and northward haven, northeast the area produces area and haven of north and south with China north between grain price " hang " the phenomenon is common, trafficker buys difficulty to increase, and southern corn sells area majority enterprise to be in " go up urgently " under chose wait-and-see, the author is specific the analysis is as follows:

Northeast produces area and northward haven price " hang "

Since autumn grain appears on the market this year, suffer new food gains to appear on the market time is deferred and the element influence such as farmer cherish carry out, northeast corn price leaves high to go high continuously, rise through what a month influences time, at present northeast new food buys valence to exceed 1700 yuan generally already / ton, highest already climbed even litre reach 1900 yuan / ton level, surmount 1800 yuan when achieved March this year / ton exalted, be apart from 2000 yuan / ton only the Yao of one pace, end at present accumulative total rises extent also is as high as 50-200 yuan / ton, this is northeastern corn buys the fact on the history to belong to infrequent. Meanwhile, rise in price of grain yield a division and arrive measure the element such as on the high side of little, cost to be driven, synchronism of price of northward haven corn rises, northward haven is at present high grade corn (unit weight 720 above) collect harbor price rises again 20-30 yuan / ton, achieve 1920-1950 yuan / ton, the academic 1970-2000 that make the same score cabin yuan / ton, touch finally 2000 yuan / ton close greatly. Northeast produces area and price of northward haven corn to all have rise, price of both in this one process grain " hang " the phenomenon is synchronous also show, at present according to calculating Heilongjiang peacefuls change corn of area third class to be 1900-1950 to cost price of harbor of bright and beautiful city yuan / ton, consideration 23 wait for quality price difference, hang 50-100 with haven price yuan / ton; Cost price of harbor of city of Shejin of corn of third class of area of Jilin princess mountain is 1950-2000 yuan / ton, consideration 23 wait for quality price difference, hang 100-150 with haven price yuan / ton, although harbor of collect of nearly two days of haven is measured somewhat grow in quantity, but still give priority to with Chen Liang, the quantity on new corn is in inferior level as before, on one hand because basic level farmer is general cherish carry out, sell an amount little, on the other hand producing area trafficker buys the price profit of haven of tall, shipment is hanged.

Northeast is produced the area produces area value with China north " hang "

Draw near in November end, price of China north corn is entered again new round rise periodic, at present company of local corn deep treatment buys valence to maintain be in 2000 yuan / or so tons, the part rushs to reach 2090 yuan high even / ton force continuously 2100 yuan / ton year is exalted, but to it photograph echo, price of northeast corn yield a division also is climbed for a time litre reach 1900 yuan / ton exalted level, form with price of China north corn " hang " , this also is close probably paragraph of time China north northeast corn of place yield a division arrives one of quantity reductive reasons. It is to Shandong Wei lane with northeast corn use exemple, end according to calculating at present, heilongjiang peacefuls change corn of area third class to buy price 1750 yuan / or so tons, add on 350 yuan / ton freight, carry is 2100 yuan to cost price of region of Shandong Wei lane / ton, 50-100 of tower above of price of corn of place of the lane that compare Wei yuan / ton; Corn of Jilin Changchun area buys valence to be 1800 yuan / or so tons, add on 250 yuan / ton freight, carry is 2050 yuan to cost price of region of Shandong Wei lane / ton, tower above of price of place of the lane that compare Wei 50 yuan / or so tons, see northeast corn use already did not have profit space to China north not hard.

Northward haven and southern haven price " hang "

Although this year since November, price of corn of southern Guangdong haven rises continuously, the accumulative total inside the month goes up achieve 30-60 yuan / ton, but with northeast deep treatment the enterprise buys the price to carry valence 50-100 at every turn yuan / ton extent still hard look is rivalled, after rising through a few rounds, northward haven and price of southern haven corn already began to appear " hang " , end at present 15% water distinguish Guangdong haven medicinal powder the boat is second-class 2050-2060 of new corn quoted price yuan / ton, 1980-2000 of quoted price of rice of second-class Chen Yu yuan / ton, rice of second-class Chen Yu carries container oneself valence 2000-2020 yuan / ton, all relatively rise last weekend 10 yuan / ton, and northward haven is at present second-class 1890-1910 of price of smooth storehouse of old corn mainstream yuan / ton, add aboard freight 60 yuan / ton, guangdong haven is second-class old corn arrives cost is 2005-2025 yuan / ton, rice of Chen Yu of north and south comes loose boat spot shipment hangs 25 yuan / ton, trade margin of corn of haven of north and south drops apparently compared to the same period, and corn stockpile compared to the same period apparent on the high side. According to statistic, corn of this week Guangdong haven arrives 319 thousand tons, shipment 260 thousand tons, carry forward inventory maintains corn to be controlled in 890 thousand tons, inventory can use day of number 24 days or so, supply and demand is relatively comfortable, feed business is wait-and-see state of mind is greater.

The place on put together is narrated, at present between area of value of domestic corn market " hang " already became common phenomenon, short-term will look to appear on the market centrally in new food the height has not come, grain price rises below situation unconverted setting, corn market value " hang " phenomenon or normalization. In will for a long time look, drop as air temperature ceaselessly and the advent of the end of the year, advocate enthusiasm of grain of carry out of farmer yield a division or have raise overlay to face Chu Yu rice ceaseless delivery of cargo from storage, be like corn price bear press be issued to lower levels, at the appointed time price of the grain between area " hang " phenomenon or have change, farmer of proposal basic level and trafficker do not be chased after blindly tall, meet grain of tall carry out or it is good plan, the proposal can continue to maintain with food company along with with along with collect mode, wait to go up the opportunity after the quantity, reentry builds a warehouse all right.