[Agricultural period data] CBOT soybean futures price fell,

  • Dec, 26th 2018

On December 19, the CBOT January Soybean Futures Contract (ZSF9) fell 7.25 cents to 900.5 cents per bushel. January soymeal futures contract (ZMF9) fell 2.4 cents to $308/short ton. The January soyoil futures contract (ZLF9) rose 0.07 cents to 28.48 cents/lb. Analysts at the International Derivatives think tank said that the US Department of Agriculture said on Wednesday that private exporters exported 1.199 million tons of US soybeans to China, hoping to disappoint the market with the use of exports to speed up the consumption of high stocks. Soybean prices have fallen back and once penetrated 900 cents in intraday trading. The recent two-cycle price in China to purchase US beans and the number of times in the process of repeated fluctuations, the process may continue in the later period, short-term support focus on 888 cents / bushel; US soybean meal price follows lower, maintain low range, US soybean oil futures price The gains were affected by the decline in soybeans, and the increase was limited; in terms of strategy, soybeans traded in the 888-918 cents/bushel range.

Institutional Source: International Derivatives Think Tank