Stroke Sino-US Relations and Talk about Corn and Soybean

  • Dec, 29th 2018
After the G20 meeting, with the re-release of goodwill from Sino-US trade conflicts, the trend of agricultural products has sharply declined, and domestic soybean and corn futures have fallen rapidly, with a strong negative atmosphere. When the news of the resumption of imports of agricultural products in the United States was satisfactorily and continuously fermented, the soybean and corn markets finally showed a chill, and the pain of the futures market was gradually transmitted to the spot market. No one can say for sure what the outcome of the Sino-US trade negotiations will be in 90 days, but the door to imports seems to be slowly opening. Whether the corn and soybean market can meet the bull market again is of great concern to the industry, but it is not good to say that everything is possible. However, whether it is the wind or the heart, there is no doubt that before the trade negotiations in March are not completely showdown, any stage results and information of the negotiations will become important materials and momentum affecting the relevant markets, and the news market triggered by this will also dominate the trend and direction of soybean and corn futures markets to a large extent.