Analytic beans dregses of rice: The message that flies all o

  • Dec, 04th 2018

The beans dregses of rice dish of face drop to go up, a lot of people affect its end for trade war, be trade war really however? Either, the bloodsucking capital that is sex of benefit choose and employ persons and the media that do not have fine.

Now afternoon open quotation, circulate suddenly on the net give a picture

Talk and? This is great majority comes loose a the first think of a way that see, do not think at all, do at once empty, add the participation of certain and evil capital, dish the defeat below face instant.

Dish face instant drops 3105, just when all coming loose door think to want to perform again drop stop board when, rebound began, bottom is done empty bedding bag lived, subsequently the beans dregses of rice 01 pick up to 3150.

Look from settle accounts price, actually the beans dregses of rice today 01 also dropped at 20 o'clock, however today by both sides slap sb in the face be absent a few, above all much sheet is hit to stop caustic, chase after subsequently empty bedding bag lives, if open quotation goes up greatly in the evening,that can be a heart really be like dead ash, also can see how capital uses a message to slaughter I wait small medicinal powder.

To news and message, a lot of people are not added discriminate and judgement concludes, become the kid that takes trap actively thereby. The word of news is two countries leader reachs consensus to two countries relation, two countries concerns, not be success of bilateral trade negotiation. This is eye of word of the prevailing in politics originally, the result is in dish in by enlarge, wang Yi: Of the old of Sino-US two countries of lunar base G20 meet great to bilateral meaning. Speech of this kind of government is translated into by certain media, plain general and be used to come to an agreement with respect to commerce greatly, these media that do not have fine are mixed " bloodsucking " capital has collude, be worth deliberate, however, from now on second wash dish in can see, futures brunt namely " bloodsucking " capital uses a message to accuse dish practised and cruelty. And medicinal powder door, be being controlled by a few specious messages and human nature.

Sino-US trade war, it is the argue of two countries originally, turn to futures dish capital was become to slaughter however on the face medicinal powder door prop, every time drop greatly and go up to rear can one wins the home greatly, and every time extreme prices can have the land is swarmed with famished refugees come loose an orgnaization with blood dripping wet.

And to coming loose door the individual has a few proposal:

1. does not weigh a storehouse to do a beans to dregs of rice at present, the beans dregses of rice 01 hold a storehouse to glide all the way from highest 3.1 million hand present 1.29 million hand, can see, clever person does not have an overmuch money to be put in the beans to dregs of rice, because uncertainty is too big, so the beans dregses of rice futures is short-term not be good investment options, most at least now is not.

2. does not want to watch a few newses too much, because these message everybody can see, futures has 28 principles, so the effectiveness of these messages decreases greatly, and greater part is dispersive door affect size to did not differentiate capability to word genuine and sham.

The United States talks in 3. and see beautiful beans, beautiful beans was not pulled considerably go up, so talk about mixed message basic be a holiday, american futures develops the founder of a school of learning that is China to a form of a address for an official or rich man, what maturity differs is not one man the least bit, now day, beautiful beans went up merely one is nodded, talk and nod effect with respect to this? See the person of the message does not think?

Arrived to concentrated high level meets and negotiate to Sino-US negotiation period, dish of medium wave motion also can increase as the message, human nature, very rambunctious, suggest to light storehouse is participated in or cover benefit to operate recently so, additional, not from numerous, do a small number of people.

Finally in order to be in circle wide end today's topic for a paragraph of word that circulate: Their judgement still is to be based on fact and data two main thought are spent, and this game that they participate in, the 4th dimension that is the dream of the third peace keeping in the mood however is spent those who spread out. " human nature, nothing more than such.