[data of agricultural period city] be born of report of USDA

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On November 8 contract of futures of CBOT12 month corn (ZCZ8) rise 1.25 cent, sign up for 373.25 cent / bushel. Contract of wheaten in December futures (ZWZ8) drop 2 cent, sign up for 507.5 cent / bushel. International is derived taste wisdom library analyst to think, american Ministry of Agriculture reduces the extent of American corn per unit area yield, crop to anticipate more than, and attune of prep above demand falls extent, bring about period end inventory to drop, profit is good corn period price rises, but move global corn stock because of going up at the same time, bring about dish of medium wave to move acuteness, because beautiful corn crop anticipates not as good as, predict short-term period price slants strong wave motion, politic respect relies on 365 cent / bushel is short trade more; Global wheat delivery of cargo from storage is moved on American Ministry of Agriculture, cause wheat period price to drop, upper part pressure 520 cent / bushel, politic respect is in 500-520 cent / trade inside bushel interval.

Orgnaization origin: International is derived taste wisdom library