[data of agricultural period city] CBOT cereal period price

  • Dec, 04th 2018

On November 9 contract of futures of CBOT12 month corn (ZCZ8) drop 3.5 cent, sign up for 369.75 cent / bushel. Contract of wheaten in December futures (ZWZ8) drop 5.25 cent, sign up for 502.25 cent / bushel. International is derived taste wisdom library analyst to think, suffer wheat to drop and dollar index takes powerful effect, fall after a rise of corn period price, lower part props up attention 60 days all line, because of crimple of pattern of beautiful corn supply and demand, space of metaphase lower part is limited, hold of discretion of politic respect much sheet, stop caustic 364.8 cent / bushel; Dollar index goes strong, go against wheat to export demand, and inventory of whole world of the attune on USDA beforehand appraise, the market worries about American wheat to export foreground, apply press wheat period price to drop, pattern of concussion of short-term continuance weak force, hold of odd discretion of politic field sky, stop caustic 515 cent / bushel, target 490 cent / bushel.

Orgnaization origin: International is derived taste wisdom library